Even our youngest patients are not at all afraid of the dentist.
And to make the kid's first trip to the Land of healthy teeth as comfortable as possible, please, read about preparing for the first appointment.


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We have been treating kids' teeth for over 20 years

We are the pediatric department of the famous Dubnova’s Clinic, where, thanks to a special philosophy and for the sake of the health of kids’ teeth and the peace of mind of their parents, the most qualified dentists of Kiev have been teamed up. We know how to turn a visit to the dentist into an interesting game, so your kid will always be happy to come to our clinic again!


Sleep treatment

If your child feels fear or needs to heal a lot of teeth without stress, then you should visit us! We know how to carry out treatment of any complexity in medication sleep. We carefully set the scene, calm down a kid and completely control her\his state during treatment. Our anesthesiologists have extensive experience in working with kids, and the clinic is equipped with the most modern anesthetic equipment.

Inclusive treatment

Treatment of special kids is our specialty. We have impressive experience and all the necessary equipment, and we create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort. Kids with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders and other complex concomitant diagnoses feel very comfortable with us, and their parents are confident in our qualifications. We take on the task of the most difficult cases!



Our doctors


"Клиника Дубновой" - лучшая стоматология в нашем родном Киеве. Каждый прием в вашей клинике - праздник для моей семьи и для меня. Прекрасная атмосфера, улыбчивый коллектив, профессионализм докторов и персонала завоевывают при каждом приеме. Спасибо "Клинике Дубновой" за приятное лечение!!!

Шейхиан В.
Jul 20, 2020

Велика, щира подяка лікарю Вікторії Рябокінь за увагу, чутливість, підхід до дітей! Дякуємо персоналу на рецепції за гостинність і атмосферу, яку вони створюють на першому етапі зустрічі. Дякуємо всій клініці! Здоров'я вам і щастя!

Остап Качурін
Jul 20, 2020

    Service fees

    Kids’ dentistry
    Pediatric dentist consultation 460 UAH
    Orthodontist consultation (primary) 460 UAH
    Computer anesthesia 290 UAH
    Kids’ filling (without anesthesia) 730 —1 380 UAH
    Treatment of first tooth canals 1 460 — 2 100 UAH
    Removal of a first tooth 380 — 940 UAH
    Aesthetic crown of a first tooth 3 300 UAH

    Our clinic

    The pediatric Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYa” was opened in the fall of 2018. Our concept: the treatment of kids’ teeth should be enjoyable! Our patients, no matter how small, they are not afraid of the dentist!

    Our clinic represents not only the best pediatric dentistry, but also the best pediatric surgical dentistry. If necessary, you can take all the surgery measures without leaving the Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYa” (Kiev).

    Our motto is: if the teeth are already decayed, we must save them at all costs!

    We are especially proud of our innovation to apply standard crowns in pediatric dentistry, which successfully protect kids’ teeth from decay and allow us to save place for permanent teeth.

    If there are such indications, in Dubnova’s pediatric dentistry, kids’ teeth are treated in a dream (in a medication sleep), for which Dubnova’s pediatric dentistry has all the necessary modern equipment (including BIS monitoring), and, moreover, outstanding highly professional anesthesiologists.

    We also apply an individual approach to kids with special needs: we treat their teeth efficiently and with great care.

    The “life” of healthy teeth also begins with the right brushing skills, healthy eating habits and trust in the dentist. By teaming up with you, we can provide a radiant smile for your child!