Guarantees in dentistry

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“Dubnova’s clinic “STOMATOLOGIYA “provides its clientele with extended guarantees for materials and services.

The warranty period is the period during which the client of the dental clinic has the right to demand a free defect correction or a price reduction for the work performed in case the work deficiencies are discovered.

Our GUARANTEES for FILLING (restoration of teeth)

Type of filling Warranty period
The photopolymer filling 3 years
Glass ionomer filling 2 years


Types of dentoprosthetic rehabilitation Warranty period
Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown (PFMs) 3 years
Zirconium crown 3 years
Bugel denture 2 years

According to the current legislation of Ukraine on the protection of consumers’ rights, claims of patients of the dental clinic can be filed during the warranty period provided that the patient has met the following recommendations and requirements of a dentist:

  • compliance with the rules of personal hygiene of the oral cavity (hygienic index <2);
  • absence of extreme conditions for teeth (trauma, cracking of nuts, bone gnawing, etc.);
  • regular visits to a dentist with a prophylactic goal 2 times a year (the frequency of visits can be adjusted by the doctor based on the individual status of the patient);
  • immediate visit to the dental clinic in case of complications of treatment or breakage of dentures.

In case of failure to fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements and recommendations or in case of treatment in other dental institutions (or self-treatment), “Dubnova’s clinic “STOMATOLOG I YA” reserves the right to revise the warranty obligations for the services rendered.


According to the world statistics (approximately in 1,5 % of cases) there can be an implant failure (or idiopathic loss). In such cases, a free replacement of a dental implant is performed at the “Dubnova Clinic “STOMATOLOG I YA”.

In the case of mechanical breakdown of the dental implant, we will replace it absolutely free of charge at any time since the mechanical integrity of the implant is subject to a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The guarantee covers all dental implants installed at our clinic.

Our GUARANTEES for a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT, TOOTH REMOVAL and other surgical procedures

There is only a “treatment prognosis” (the probability of success of dental treatment) for treatment of root canals, teeth removal and other surgical dental procedures. The success of treatment of a root canal (endodontic treatment), a tooth removal and other surgical dental treatment depends on the following factors:

  • state of a patient’s immune system;
  • compliance with the protocol of treatment;
  • quality of the material used by a dentist during the treatment;
  • anatomical features of a patient’s body;
  • microflora composition of a patient oral cavity.

Approximately 50% of the success of root canal treatment, tooth removal or other surgical dental treatment depends on a body individual features and state of a patient’s immune systemWe guarantee the performance of the modern international treatment protocols (USA and Europe) and the quality of materials used by the doctors of our clinic.


Our guarantees for the services of pediatric dentistry extend to the treatment of temporary (milk dentition) and permanent teeth. Mandatory requirements for warranty coverage are the following:

  1. Compliance with the rules of individual oral hygiene of a child.
  2. A professional examination at the dentist every 3-6 months. (According to the recommendation of your doctor, listed in a medical report).
  3. Control of individual hygiene and professional hygienic cleaning of oral cavity (if necessary), at least, every 6 months.

In case of failure to comply with all the above-mentioned mandatory requirements or treatment in other dental institutions (or self-treatment), “Dubnova’s clinic “STOMATOLOG I YA” reserves the right to revise the guarantee obligations for the services rendered.

Type of dental treatment Warranty Period
Milk tooth filling, photopolymer 2 years
Milk tooth filling, glass ionomer 6 months
Crown for milk tooth 3 years
Crown for permanent tooth, photopolymer 3 years
Permanent tooth filling, glass ionomer 2 years

The detailed description of the guarantees appear in the document “Regulations on the fulfillment of warranty obligations for some dental services (works) provided by LLC “Dubnova clinic’s “STOMATOLOGIYA”, which you can find at the Customer Information Board, next to the reception of the clinic.