Orthognathic surgery

When your teeth do not occlude properly (or at all), it always influences your appearance. People often think that this situation (occlusion) can be changed with the help of brackets. But brackets only work within a row of teeth, they cannot, however, move facial bones, and many occlusion issues are connected with the bones.

Orthognathic (maxillofacial) surgery corrects position of jaws and restores functionality and face aesthetics. Your reflection in the mirror becomes more harmonized. You can chew, breathe and speak better, and get rid of shortness of breath and snoring.


Orthognathic surgery (or surgery to correct congenital facial bone and occlusion deformities) is a solution allowing you to reach aesthetic and functional harmony of the face that you wish for, eliminate disharmony in the face and occlusion.

Are you unhappy with your occlusion? Do you have difficulties biting or are unable to do it at all? Do you suffer from shortness of breath in the night and snoring? See an orthognathic surgeon. At our clinic you can have a consultation with such a specialist. Make an appointment with maxillofacial and orthognathic surgeon A.V. Dubnov and get comprehensive answers to your questions and practical solution to your problems.

An excerpt from feedback (Patient O., 33 y.o.): “I did not like what I saw in the mirror, I did not like what I saw in photos. It was worse in photos… I had this dream, to correct occlusion. To change what I did not like about myself…”

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