Braces for children

To avoid teeth and jaw issues and braces installation for a child in the future, you need to pay attention to that from the very early age. Please, do not miss your scheduled visits to specialists! As early as the maternity ward, Neonatologists check, if a baby’s lingual frenulum is correctly formed, because it influences both breastfeeding, and formation, growth, and alignment of jaws in a child. By 30-36 months, old children have all baby teeth, so it is better to pay the dentist a visit for evaluation of primary teeth occlusion. It is possible to discover and prevent hidden (from parents) discrepancies in jaws development. At 5.5-6 years old, first permanent teeth appear. If you pay an Orthodontist standard scheduled visits (once every 6-10 months) with X-ray for confirmation (if necessary), you might avoid complex permanent occlusion correction methods further on. By 13-15 years old, teenagers usually have 28 teeth. They all have to be both completely grown, and in certain correlation to each other. If an Orthodontist detects deviations from the norm at this stage, the discrepancy will most likely have to be corrected for future fully fledged and proper functioning of the teeth and jaws system. In this case, braces for children often help solve this problem. Efficiency of wearing braces by teenagers is much higher than that of adults – the process is painless and quite short, and thus, installation of braces for children costs less to parents, than if this happens at a later age. What kinds of braces for children can you get at modern Clinics? Classic metal ones (the cheapest option), elegant sapphire ones (almost undetectable on teeth), ceramic ones (durable), plastic ones (light)… An Orthodontist will tell you about advantages of each type of braces and help individually choose an optimum option, because in the modern world to put on braces for children is not a problem for a specialist having extensive experience, knowledge and practice (only such dentists work for our Clinic!). As well as to assist your son or daughter in having discrepancies in the teeth and jaws system corrected. Highly professional Orthodontists work for Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”, who can evaluate individual situation in the child’s oral cavity and choose adequate treatment. Examples of orthodontic treatment at our Clinic. A girl, 11 y.o., Orthodontist O.L. Teperev

Какие брекет-системы для детей сегодня могут предложить в современных клиниках? Классические металлические (наиболее дешёвый вариант), изящные сапфировые (почти незаметны на зубах), керамические (надёжные), пластиковые (легкие)…

О преимуществах того или иного вида брекетов вам обязательно расскажет ортодонт, который также поможет выбрать наиболее оптимальный вариант, ведь в современном мире поставить брекеты ребенку для специалиста имеющего богатый опыт, знания и практику (только такие врачи работают в нашей Клинике!) – не проблема. 

В «Клиника Дубновой «СТОМАТОЛОГиЯ» работают высокопрофессиональные специлисты-ортодонты, которые оценят индивидуальную ситуацию в полости рта ребенка и подберут адекватное лечение.

kids stomatolog 3 1024x682 - Braces for children

Примеры ортодонтического лечения в нашей Клинике.

Девочка 11 лет, врач-ортодонт Теперев О.Л.:

brekety 1 1 - Braces for children
brekety 1 2 - Braces for children
brekety 1 3 - Braces for children

Мальчик, 16 лет, врач-ортодонт Теперев О.Л.:


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  • Consultation of an orthodontist 460 ₴


  • Брекет-система 18 500 ₴

    самолигирующая, металлическая, одна челюсть

  • Брекет-система 28 900 - 34 680 ₴

    самолигирующая, эстетическая, одна челюсть

  • Контрольный осмотр 1 200 ₴

    активация аппаратуры

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