Advantages of the Clinic

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Complete spectrum of high-professional stomatological services.

We are proud of our specialists – high-professional, joined and stable medical and administrative team (absolute majority of our specialists works  in our Clinic from the start!).

Also in our Clinic you will be able to get highly skilled consultation and help of not only individual doctors but also subspecialty doctors – the real professionals of the business!

With the participation of specialists, you will always have a supervising doctor who will be able to answer all Your questions.

Own technical laboratory


A unique dentoprosthetic technical laboratory works in our Clinic providing complete support of doctor-orthopaedist.

Unlike other clinics that mainly do not possess  an own dentoprosthetic technical base, carrying out  prosthetics in our Clinic, you are under a permanent  control  of TWO specialists : doctor-orthopaedist and dental technician at once.

Both specialists work with you simultaneously and decide the ONLY task – to provide  you maximally comfort prosthetics in the shortest terms and at the highest professional level!

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Safety and treatment guarantees

Strict infectious control and multilevel cleaning of tools are introduced our Clinic, that allows  our Clients to be sure in safety of treatment. Our Clinic gives guarantees on all  works on a term no less than three years (under a condition of doctor’s  recommendations implementation ).

Our personnel will make all efforts to make you satisfied with your choice.

Modern methodologies and technologies

Keeping in step with time, the personnel of Clinic is constantly learns modern methodologies, participates in stomatological congresses, conventions and trainings. In our Clinic equipment and materials are also renovated constantly.

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Honest and open relations

We build relations with our Clients based on principle of maximal honesty and disclosure, that means:our specialists will not appoint you treatment if there is no need in it.