History of the creation of the Clinic

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A journey into the history of the Clinic creation

In the late 1990s state dental institutions experienced certain lack of funds that almost made impossible for doctors to fully apply new technologies and grow professionally in the modern dentistry field.

Striving to be at the forefront of dental technology for providing customers with the highest level of service and achieving excellent results, in 1997 Lesya Yurievna Dubnova founded the author’s dental center “Dubnova Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”. At that time, the Clinic had two dental offices, in which four people worked (2 doctors and 2 assistants).

Over the years (and this is 20 years) the Clinic has increased threefold and today offers its clients a full range of dental services, including pediatric dentistry and major surgeries of immense complexity under general anesthesia and microscopic treatment. The Clinic team also grew 8-fold and now has 52 people: 22 doctors, 16 assistants, dental lab technician, 1 hygienist and 15 service personnel.

Many specialists have been trained in foreign clinics, universities, departments and have the appropriate diplomas. They practice dentistry not only in the Clinic but also lead various courses on improving dental skills, share theoretical knowledge and experience with colleagues, including the young dentists. The three specialists of the Clinic are leaders of professional opinion in their fields. There are 1 holder of Habilitation degree in Medicine and 1 Ph.D.

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The main achievement of the Clinic is people, a team of like-minded persons united by the common purpose of work for the ultimate result, which is your highly aesthetic and functional occlusion together with our excellent service.

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The clinic is proud of our staff stability because majority of our team has been working at the Clinic for over 15 years. We cream off the best new members to our team in order to maintain the familiar atmosphere and unique approach, which is so appreciated by our clients. We are not only team up but we also try to spend free time together in traveling, training and other corporate events.

During these years of our work 16 children were born in the families of the Clinic’s staff. Employees who went on maternity leave returned to their jobs. New medical and administrative personnel has joined us: some of them were trained by our specialists within the walls of the Clinic, and some are the best doctors who see their progress within the walls of one of the best dental private clinics in Kiev and Ukraine.

A particular highlight of the Clinic is its client base, which has grown several dozen times. Among the current clients of the Clinic there are many people who have known the Clinic since its opening. We are very proud of our cooperation. 70% of our clients visit the Clinic for at least 5 years, and thirty percent visit it for at least 10 years! Over the past time, many of our “little” patients have grown up and introduced their children to the Clinic. Over the years of the Clinic’s existence we have really friendly relations with many of our clients.

We are proud of our clients and their trust in us!