Treatment of hypersensitive teeth

lechenie chuvstvitelnosti zubov - Treatment of hypersensitive teeth

A dental hypersensitivity is a pathosis, characterized by the  increased sensitiveness of teeth from different irritants such as: cold and hot food or food with high maintenance of acid: citrus, Cola, apples. In the case of dental hypersensitivity even the ordinary cleaning of teeth can cause pain. The dental hypersensitivity can also be found at the so-called clinoid defect.

A clinoid defect is a destruction of hard tooth tissues at tooth neck, arising up as a result of chronic overpressure or wrong methodology of teeth cleaning .

The basic sign of hard tooth tissues hypersensitivity is a short sharp pain in bared hard tooth tissues (dentine) in reply to termal, haptic, osmotic or chemical irritants. Most people suffer this disease in age from 20 to 50 . Women have the dental hypersensitivity more often than  men

The main reasons of dental hypersensitivity can be:

  • too zealous or wrong teeth cleaning;
  • diseases of paradontium (tooth sensitivity can increase as a result of  teeth roots baring);
  • peculiarities of food ration, especially: the frequent use of sour food, carbonated sweet drinks that can result  chemical destruction of enamel and appearance of dental hypersensitivity;
  • harmful industrial factors (for example for workers chemical  industry);
  • excessive masticatory loading on teeth for example caused  by a habit to fasten teeth strongly or absence of one or a few teeth.

For treatment of dental hypersensitivity preparations for tooth restructuration  (remineralization) on the basis of fluorine are used. At clinoid defects stopping of appeared cavities can be used. If not to remove reason of disease, destruction of tooth can make progress and a pulp (nerve) can perish which can result in the  the loss of tooth vitality. We will work out a plan of treatment that will be aimed at removing  not only symptoms but also a reason of a disease. Our doctors will teach you to provide proper cleaning  and to select individual hygiene means taking into account your individual features and necessities.

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