Gift certificate

Gift certificate to the Dubnova’s Clinic STOMATOLOG i YA

Gift certificate is a great idea of the gift and a sign of taking care of those you love and those you care.

Advantages of our Gift Certificates:

  • it’s a NON TRIVIAL gift,
  • may be issued for ANY AMOUNT,
  • valid ONE YEAR and can be used PARTIALLY (the amount remained does not expire & can be used later),
  • NO EXCEPTIONS, i.e. covers any services of out Clinic,
  • Can be issues as BEARER Certificate.

Feature of Certificate’ usage

The chosen amount of the certificate will be recorded in the form of an advance of its bearer. While, approaching the limit of the certificate amount, our administrator will alert the owner about it. In case where the cost of services that was provided to the bearer in our clinic is less than the cost of the certificate, the difference will be remains in the form of an advance on account of the certificate bearer. In case where the cost of the services that were provided to the bearer is more than the value of the certificate, our administrators will alert bearer certificate of it and indicate the cost of the difference to be covered/paid. Gift certificate is valid for 12 month since its issues date.


It’s enough to call us (044) 333-49-37 or you can also fill in our “Make an appointment” (ссылка на форму) form specifying in “You message” field that you’re interesting in gift certificate.

podarok - Gift certificate