Treatment without the drill

We treat our little patients’ teeth without the drill at Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”! How is it possible?

With the help of the Sandman Futura machine. The name itself partially explains the machine’s operation principle: sand man from the future. The drilling is done with the help of air abrasion. Fine dispersed aluminium oxide, which acts as a drill, is fed under pressure from a narrow nozzle of the machine. The used material is removed by an intraoral suction system. The procedure reminds of the well-known professional dental cleaning. We cannot but share with you feedback from one of the first patients:

0q3b5159 1024x683 - Treatment without the drill
otzyv lechenie - Treatment without the drill

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  • Consultation 460 ₴

    pediatric dentist

  • Consultation 460 ₴

    pediatric orthodontist

  • Computer anesthesia 290 ₴
  • Kids’ filling 730 —1 380 ₴

    without anesthesia

  • Canal treatment 1 460 — 2 100 ₴

    of first tooth

  • Removal 380 — 940 ₴

    of first tooth

  • Aesthetic crown 3 300 ₴

    of first tooth

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