Ilya O. Saltykov

Dentist - orthodontist

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Dentist – orthodontist, a Member of the Ukrainian Orthodontists Association (UOA) 

In 2014 he graduated from the Dental Faculty of the National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets.

2014 – 2016 – Internship for general dentistry on the basis of the National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets.

Since 2016 –  dentist – orthodontist at the clinic “ZubOK”.

Since 2017 –  dentist – orthodontist at the “MOM’S dentistry for children and expectant mothers” and at the clinic “NanoClinic”.

Since October 2017 he has blended seamlessly into the professional team of Dubnova Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”.

Among the key priorities of the doctor:

  • orthodontic treatment of children    
  • correction of bite pathologies with the help of various bracket systems and aligners,
  • treatment of TMJ pathology,
  • orthodontic preparation for implantation and prosthetics.

Ilya Olegovich is one of those few doctors, “who is enthused about things he does”, as people often enthusiastically tell about him. The doctor can analyze a separate clinical case for hours, trying to find the best treatment option for a particular patient. Orthodontist works with the most innovative treatment mechanics in the world, which are used by leading clinics in different countries. Therefore, many patients, who have already started treatment in another country, easily continue it with Ilya Olegovich.

The doctor loves and knows how to work with children (which is not every orthodontist can do, because this target audience has its own peculiarities: they cannot be forced but can be motivated!). The doctor was right to treat many young patients aged from 6 to 12 years. In the work with this age group the orthodontist makes corrections with the help of removable and non-removable appliances: Bioblock (Dr. Mew methods), Hyrax, Haas by Marco Rosa. He constantly improves his knowledge and skills, studying foreign orthodontic literature, attending various courses, symposia, seminars.

He devotes his free time to the in-depth study of the English language (including its modern trends), reading of specialized literature and fiction.

Portfolio of works

The initial situation: during the visit of a child’s orthodontist the problem of bite (Angle Class III/pathology) was revealed.

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Situation assessment: Orthodontic functional diagnostics with decoding of X-ray images (TRG and OPTG) was carried out to determine the cause of bite anomaly (skeletal or dento-gingival).


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Treatment performed:

  1. Pickup impressions were done, and rubber bands are installed between the teeth (segregators) to fix the bar on the upper jaw (Haas by Marco Rosa apparatus).
  2. With the help of this bar, which Masha wore during the daytime, an expansion of the upper jaw was performed.
  3. At the end of the treatment a second bar (dental bar) was given for wearing at night to fix the results of the treatment.

Result: all treatment took 8 months and was comfortable and with interest for the patientJ. Now Masha’s teeth are in the right position and there is room for new (permanent) teeth cutting out.

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Moreover, now there is a favorite orthodontist Ilya, to whom she happily comes to check-ups.


Родители привели мою новую пациентку с жалобой на кривое прорезывание верхних зубов. После контрольного осмотра мы выяснили, что не всем зубам хватает места для прорезывания, из-за этого два центральных верхних резца начали поворачиваться по оси в сторону нёба.
Вместе с родителями мы приняли решение поставить аппарат для расширения верхней челюсти. Главной задачей аппарата было скорректировать скелетный рост и зафиксировать его. Поэтому в течение восьми месяцев мы занимались расширением челюсти, и ждали окончательного прорезывания первых четырёх верхних резцов. Сама пластинка не может влиять на ровный рост зубов, поэтому после этапа расширения мы сняли аппарат и поставили четыре брекета на центральные верхние зубы. Именно брекеты развернули зубы по оси в правильное положение. Этот процесс занял у нас ещё 3,5 месяца, после мы заменили брекеты на ретейнер, чтобы зафиксировать результат.

В процессе лечения нам очень повезло с прикусом пациентки, поэтому наше лечение было направлено только на коррекцию ширины челюсти и эстетику, чтобы ребёнок рос с красивой улыбкой.

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