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Forget about the usual syringes, thick needles and discomfort, because in the “Dubnova’s Clinic” STOMATOLOGiYA” appeared computer anesthesia “The Wand”.

“The Wand” is a computer system for anesthetic injection. The processor of the device controls the speed and pressure of anesthetic’s introduction, thereby ensuring absolutely painless process.

On the photo: the device of computer anesthesia “The Wand”


Today, computer anesthesia is the most painless, safe and predictable method for local anesthesia, because:

  • The speed of anesthetic supply is controlled by the device and due to its smooth introduction, the patient experiences less discomfort;
  • Accuracy of the anesthetic introduction ensures the fast onset of the effect;
  • Less amount of anesthetic is required, it helps to avoid long numbness of the lips, tongue and cheeks, as it is while using traditional methods of anesthesia;
  • A safe program ensures that the drug does not enter the vessel, that can lead to poor physical condition of the patient and additional discomfort;
  • The Wand is suitable for all types of dental treatment.

In 2012, the course of Dr. Eugene Casagrand (USA) was held in our clinic, he is an American dentist, author of Computer Anesthesia. Doctors of our Clinic have mastered new techniques for the introduction of anesthesia and the nuances of working with the device.

On the photo: Dr. Eugene Casagrand (USA)


Patients of our Clinic share their sensation after computer anesthesia. Natalya Zagorodnova: “I did not feel the injection at all, I rather felt how the doctor pulled the cheek with the instrument and that’s all… There was no prolonged numbness of the tongue and lips, that I felt after the traditional anesthesia.”

The Wand device of the company Milestone Scientific USA is adopted and approved by the American Dental Association and officially certified in Ukraine.


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