Dmitriy A. Prisyazhnyuk


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Anesthesiologist, specialization “anesthesiology-resuscitation”, “pediatric anesthesiology”, member of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Kiev and Ukraine.

In 2013 he graduated from the National Medical University n.a. Bogomolets A.A., Faculty of Medicine No. 3

2013-2015 – internship at the National Children’s Specialized Hospital for Maternal and Child Health “Ohmatdet”, department of anesthesiology;

2013-2015 – internship in “Pediatric Anesthesiology”at the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev.

While still studying at the National Medical University, he began to master the practical skills of the profession as a nurse in the intensive care and anesthesiology department of Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 17

Since 2015 – anesthesiologist at the National Children’s Specialized Hospital for Maternal and Child Health “Ohmatdet”, department of anesthesiology;

In 2019 – passing advanced training courses and assigning a second qualification category.

In June 2019, he joined the team of the pediatric department of the dental clinic «Dubnova’s Clinic «STOMATOLOGiYa».

Dmitry Alexandrovich knows various types of anesthesia, has the skills of anesthesia service for patients in a planned and urgent manner, when performing surgical care and diagnostic measures, has experience in providing emergency care in critical conditions, CPR, catheterization of peripheral and central veins with ultrasound navigation and anatomical landmarks, methods of regional anesthesia. He has extensive experience working with neonatological patients and newborns with critical body weight, with congenital and acquired malformations (central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, urethra, respiratory system, ophthalmic pathology, etc.).

He participated in the clinical study APRICOT: Anaesthesia PRactice In Children Observational Trial under the patronage of ESA. He attended the trainings “Limit states in pediatrics and pediatric otorhinolaryngology”, Ukrainian Trauma Life Support.

He spends his free time with his family, enjoys outdoor activities and travel.

Dmitry Alexandrovich chose the profession of a pediatric anesthesiologist while working as a nurse at Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 17, striving to help children avoid psychological injuries during surgery, to provide qualified anesthesia service, thereby minimizing complications and protecting young patients from surgical stress.

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Матвій Малішевський

Дякуємо Шафеті Олегу Борисовичу та анестезіологу Присяжнику Дмитру Олександровичу за чудово виконану роботу. Турботу та чуйність до дитини. Дуже дякуємо! Велике дякую за те, що лікарі зробили все можливе, щоб я легко пережив втрату певних зубів!!!