Comfort and harmless sedation in pediatric dentistry at Dubnova Clinic

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Закись азота_2On September 5, 2018 all doctors of the pediatric department at “Dubnova Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYa” (Ishutko I.F., Slabkovsky V.V., Burdeynaya I.N., Sukhova A.M., Levchenko M.A.), headed by the chief of the pediatric department Kovnatskiy O.L., attended the lecture of Anka Kalin “Introduction to sedation. Sedation in dental practice. Nitrous oxide. Resuscitative protocols and maneuvers “, which took place within the framework of the Lecture for Practical Physician named afterprof. Danilevsky M.F., which took place during the dental exhibition “Medvin: Stomatology”.

Medicinae Universae Doctor, restorative general practitioner Anka Kalin shared her experience on the usage of nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation in dentistry. The issues of processes of sedation in general and nitrous oxide, in particular, pharmacology of nitrous oxide, indications of sedation with nitrous oxide in general and in pediatric dentistry were presented. Contraindications and possible side effects of sedation by nitrous oxide, working protocols for the application of this technique were also considered.

Doctors of the Dubnova Clinic always keep up with modern methods of treatment and for more than 1 year successfully apply the method of sedation with nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture in pediatric dentistry. Moreover, they constantly improve their skills and do not stop advancing in new spheres of treatment, in order to make the treatment of our young visitors more qualitative and comfortable.

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