Alexander N. Paliy


Doctor-stomatologist, doctor of the 2nd category, member of the Ukrainian Dental Association

In 2003 finished the stomatological faculty of the Ivano-Frankovsk state medical academy.

2003-2004 –  internship on therapeutic stomatology on the base of the Ivano-Frankovsk state stomatological policlinic.

2004-2005 – doctor stomatologist in Clinic Avizenna in Ivano-Frankovsk.

2005-2008 – doctor stomatologist in Clinic ORIS in Ivano-Frankovsk.

2008 – 2010 – doctor stomatologist in Clinic Ulybka in Chernivtsi.

From 2010 works in the Dubnova’s Clinic «Stomatolog i Ya»

In 2010-2013 he participated in many international training courses and practical scientific conferences, realizing continuing education and doctors’ improvement principles:

  • «Dental Attrition and its Methods of Diagnostics and Rehabilitation» (Poltava, 2010)
  • International Aesthetic and Functional Dentistry Congress (Kiev, 2011)
  • «Comprehensive Approach to Periodontal Disease Diagnostics and Treatment» (Poltava, 2011)
  • Yearly international workshops organized by DentArt and dedicated to conservative dental restoration technologies (Poltava, 2010-2012)
  • 6th Eastern European Conference for Dental Implantation (Lvov, 2013)
  • Meetings of the ITI Study Club (Kiev, 2012-2013) and many others featuring Ukrainian and foreign specialists, such as Dr. M. Perez-Davidi, M. Fredeani, F. Massironi, G. Ordzhonikidze, G. Dazhayev, M. Ugrin, Y. Zablotskiy, etc.

In 2011 he specialized in orthopedic and in 2013 in children’s dentistry at the Odessa National Medical University.

Twice he participated in the yearly «Quality of Life for our Parents» event, which is organized by the Ukrainian Implantologists Association and allows for a socially unprotected, completely edentulous elderly person to have dental implants installed by the dentists free of charge using the newest technologies, once a year.

He considers creating comfortable emotional microclimate during a patient’s visit a priority. He easily establishes contact with his patients and reaches optimal treatment results.

Likes mountain skiing, literature, art house cinema and billiards.


Reviews of the doctor

Друзенко Л.Г.

Дякую пташці Тарі – Оксані Георгіївні – за її безцінний професіоналізм та тепле серце!

Велике дякую Олександру Палію за золоті руки, за безмежну турботу та добре серце!


Только позитивные впечатления, два года комплексного лечения, законченного 5 лет назад, поэтому могу говорить о качестве работы. Врачи Обухивский и Палий Александр проделали основную колоссальную работу. Все, что нужно, восстановили, пересадили, почистили, выдернули и вставили новое. До сих пор всем рекомендую.

Харитонов Д.

Спасибо за великолепное обслуживание доктору Палию  Александру