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Yuriy V. Obukhivskiy

Dental Surgeon, ITI SK Kiev Study Club member, member of the Implantologists Association, member of the Periodontists Association, member of the Ukrainian Aesthetic Dentistry Association.

In 1990 finished medical college on speciality «dental technician»[[ and  worked at the Lvov Municipal Clinic no. 1 until 1994.

1992 - 1994 (after finishing of service in armed forces, 1990-1992)  continued to work as a dental technician in the 1st Lvov municipal hospital.

In 1999 finished the stomatological faculty of the Lviv state university the n.a.D. Ghalitskyi.

1999-2001  internship on general stomatology.

2001-2003 — doctor stomatologist in НМФ Avizenna in Khmelnytsk.

In 2003 finished educating and got the certificate of specialist on speciality «surgical stomatology».

2004-2007  surgeon stomatologist in stomatological clinic Avizenna in Khmelnytskyi.

2007-2008  doctor stomatologist ,surgeon of stomatological clinic Parodent in Lvov.

Since 2005 he has been doing presentations and leactured at congresses and trainings, published articles in specialized editions.

From 2009 works in the  Dubnova’s Clinic «STOMATOLOGiYA».

Since 2012 he has been conducting theoretical and practical courses for new doctors. He does presentationsand conducts workshops at the Ukrainian School of Practical Dentistry on topics like «Surgical Periodontics», «Mucogingivial Surgery in Implantology».

He is constantly raising his professional level abroad, learning from the world-class specialists in Germany, Switzerland, Island, Lithuania, Russia, etc. He adheres to the predictive dentistry philosophy that is based on evidence-based medicine*.

One from few doctors who not simply provides implantation or periodontal surgery (it is done by many doctors), but also provides an excellent aesthetic result.

All spare time dedicates to his three children.

*Evidence-based medicine — approach to medical practice, where decisions about application of preventive, diagnostic and treatment procedures are made based on the evidence of their efficiency and safety, and the evidence is subject to search, comparison, generalization and wide distribution for use in patients’ interests (Evidence Based Medicine Working Group, 1993).