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When it is necessary to correct the abnormal teeth bite in a kid?


It is necessary to deal with correcting the abnormal bite of the teeth in a kid as soon as possible. Already with the appearance of the first tooth, growth disproportion can be noticed. However, genetics can tell us a lot as well: it is enough to assess the orthodontic state of the parents of the baby (that is why a mother and a father are often invited to the kid’s first consultation with a pediatric orthodontist). If one (or both parents) has a tendency or there are pronounced skeletal or muscular anomalies of the maxillofacial zone, for the orthodontist (as well as for the parents themselves) this is a sign that there is a high probability of inheritance of such an anomaly to the baby.

The youngest patient of a pediatric orthodontist may be a kid of 2.5-3 years old. According to the indication, special devices, that are designed to stimulate or direct the growth of the jaws, are recommended for your kid to install.

If one of the parents or grandparents has skeletal anomalies of the maxillofacial area, come with your kid to a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist as soon as possible. Early orthodontic correction will help to effectively correct your kid's problem of abnormal bite of the teeth. Remember, that the younger kids are the quicker is to fix his/her teeth bite, and, moreover, the younger kids more easily tolerate the fact of having to wear orthodontic appliances.