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When a client’s experience in the dentist’s chair is everything!


When a client’s experience in the dentist’s chair is everything!

Deputy Chief Doctor of our clinic, endodontist Podilchuk D.V. spoke at a meeting of the Ternopil community of the Ukrainian Association of Implantologists with a report on client experience during the visit with the endodontist. The meeting was held in Ternopil on January 17, 2019. In his report, Denis Viktorovich doubled down on the format of communication between the doctor and the client, the use of terminology that is understandable NOT only for the dentist, and communication at different stages of the visit.

Clients of our clinic know not by hearsay that during their visit, endodontist Podilchuk D.V. knows how to get in good with and calm the client, explain the situation (problem) and the ways to solve it easily, comments on his manipulations simply and clearly, making the treatment of canals at the Dubnova’s clinic comfortable and safe.

To make an appointment with Denis Viktorovich or his colleagues, please, call (044) 333-49-37.

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