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We restore a confident smile to patients with gum disease


We restore a confident smile to patients with gum disease

On  November 3, 2017 within the framework of the Ukrainian Association of Periodontology (UAP) the international congress “Perio.Orto.Prosthetics” was held, at which the team of dentists from Spain shared its 20-year interdisciplinary experience in the rehabilitation of perio-patients, patients with gum disease. Doctors of our clinic Volynskaya T.B. doctor-periodontist, Obukhivskiy Y.V. surgeon-implantologist and Volynskaya E.V. dentist-surgeon-paradontologist did not stand aside because we know quite well how to work in a solid team. At the congress many issues of the well-coordinated work of several experts were brought. In particular, the key topics of the congress were:

  • differential diagnostics of periodontal disease,
  • diagnosis and planning in terms of prosthetic work,
  • the role of orthodontics in interdisciplinary treatment,
  • rehabilitation of smile of patient with periodontal disease and with multiple dental problems.

What should people do with gum disease (periodontitis and other gum disease)? Where to go? In particular, whether such a person should make a prosthetic appliance for teeth? The right decision will be to make an appointment with “Dubnova Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA” because it is our approaches, methods, equipment, technologies and, most importantly, specialists, that can help solve this problem in a best way. Moreover, now the team of our doctors has a dedicated doctor who observes and treats pregnant women (Volinskaya E.V.).

Do you have questions or similar problems? Make an appointment to consult our specialists by phone (044) 287-54-57. Our administrators will select a convenient date and time for you.