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We know how to reach harmony of the face!


We know how to reach harmony of the face!

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On June 11, 2016, A.V. Dubnov, our Clinic’s Maxillofacial and Orthognathic Surgeon, spoke on “The Concept of Face Aesthetics: The Orthognathic Surgeon’s Opinion” in front of his colleagues in Zaporozhye.

In his talk, Artiom:

  1. spoke in detail about clients’ expectations, with which they come to a Dentist and an Orthodontist,
  2. analyzed and demonstrated on multiple examples how, working in close cooperation, an Orthodontist and an Orthognathic Surgeon can achieve harmony of the face, correct the heaviest bite anomalies and create a glorious smile.

At the end of his talk, A.V. Dubnov answered multiple questions from his colleagues.

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