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Vaccinations: taking care of patients and employees!


Vaccinations: taking care of patients and employees!

IMG_20180123_143711We are particularly meticulous about the health of not only the patients, but also the staff of the clinic. That’s why we invite to our clinic the expert in the domain of vaccination Svetlana Chornousova, KAM  at “Vaccination”, “GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals in Ukraine” LLC.

Is it any good vaccinating adults, which vaccinations are appropriate for them, which groups are at risk for this or that vaccination, how to check the feasibility of vaccination, are possible complications after vaccination and how to prevent them?

 Svetlana professionally and clearly presented information about various vaccinations (more details:, specified and accessibly answered all questions of doctors and assistants of the clinic. After that, all employees of the clinic had the opportunity to perform a revaccination with modern vaccines.

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