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The work experience of endodontic treatment: the integration of biology in the clinic!


The work experience of endodontic treatment: the integration of biology in the clinic!

куччи_06-05-2018On May 5-6, 2018, an endodontist of our clinic Timoshok N.V. visited the course of Domenico Ricucci “The work experience of endodontic treatment: the integration of biology in the clinic”, which was held in Moldova.

The program of the course brought up a wide range of issues related to:

  • pulp and diagnosis of periapical lesions,
  • clinical criteria for determining the reversibility and irreversibility of inflammation of the pulp. The possibility of preserving vitality,
  • X-ray diagnostics. How to improve the quality of X-rays. The role of CBCT in modern endodontics,
  • restoration of teeth after endodontic treatment. Indications for direct and indirect restorations. Restoration of the tooth stump. Glass fiber posts. Overlapping of dental tubercle. Dental build-up (“onlay”) and crowns,
  • indications and contraindications to endodontic treatment,
  • how to manage cases of failed outcome of endodontic treatment. Orthograde retreatment. Indications for apical surgery,
  • emergency situations in endodontics. Treatment of acute pulpal pain. Treatment of exacerbations,
  • approaches to management of complex cases in the clinical practice of the endodontist.

and a lot more issues.

Treatment of dental canals is a complex, meticulous and, it is possible to say, a jewelry process, which will result in a strong and solid base for future prosthetics and general dental health. That is why, when choosing a doctor-endodontist, please, pay attention to the following factors:

1)availability of a microscope. With an unaided eye (without the microscope) even the best doctor can simply not see the canals and will not pass them, and this is the direct way to a possible re-infection and re-treatment (not to mention the additional costs). Eight years ago we opened in our clinic a specialized office for treatment of dental canals equipped with the best microscope “Karl Kaps”

2) professional growth and training of a doctor. This is just the case when we are proud to say that absolutely all our doctors, and, especially, endodontists are constantly improving their professional level.

3) customer reviews of the doctor. You can find reviews about Nikita Vyacheslavovich on our website and in the guestbook in our clinic. Not every doctor can perform teeth treatment, and also explain in plain words all the problems and methods of treatment to the client, and this is an important factor for creating trust between the doctor and the client.

To make appointment for a doctor-endodontist Timoshok N.V. for the treatment of canals, please, call by phone (044) 333-49-37. We will be glad to see you!