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The loss (recession) of the gums can be stopped and successfully treated!


The loss (recession) of the gums can be stopped and successfully treated!

Doctors-surgeons Volinskaya E.V. and Trush S.А. visited the author’s course of Yuri Obukhivsky “Multiple recessions around teeth and implants using the Zucchelli technique”, which took place in Kiev within the framework of the “School of Practical Parodontology”. This seminar is a continuation of the module on covering recessions near teeth and at dental implants and is based on the basis of the two previous seminars.

Рецессия десны_авторский курс ОбухивскогоRecession of the gum or as it is called gum tissue loss is a state characterized by a decrease in the volume of the gum in the direction of the apex and exposure of the cervical zone and root of the tooth. When the gums recede, patients complain of increased sensitivity of the teeth, and an aesthetic defect. With a recession of the gums, the risk of caries of the tooth root increases. Depending on the form and the local status, treatment of gingival recession can be carried out conservatively or surgically.

If you notice that the cervical zone and / or the root of the tooth have been exposed (visually it seems that the tooth has become longer or higher, or the gum has risen), be sure to consult a dentist. 

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░ЕЖЕЯЯХъ ДЕЯ ны_авторский курс Обухивского.jpgРецессия десны_авторский курс Обухивского_2Рецессия десны_авторский курс Обухивского_1