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The 3rd specialized dental exhibition and professional conference “Kharkov Dental Days – 2016”



On June 2–4, 2016, Kharkov was a kind host to participants of the 3rd specialized dental exhibition and professional conference «Kharkov Dental Days – 2016».

The areas covered at the exhibition included:

  • dental services;
  • dental and medical technology;
  • dental equipment;
  • dental tools and materials;
  • equipment and materials for dental technician and casting laboratories;
  • X-ray equipment and materials;
  • hygiene products and disinfectants;
  • oral and dentures care products;
  • pharmaceutical products and more.

A large-scale dental conference dedicated to “Dentistry of the Present and Future” took place at the same time as the exhibition. Among the key topics of the conference were:

  • Aesthetics and accuracy of ceramic restorations.
  • Direct restoration. Possibilities and achieving the forecast aesthetic result of clinical practice.
  • Biological and surgical approaches to saving teeth.
  • Ways of achieving a long-term result for the implant.
  • Periodontics. Stability of soft tissue. Methods of bone tissue restoration.

The conference featured talks by leading Ukrainian dentistry specialists. D.V. Podilchuk, our Endodontist, was among the speakers. He devoted his talk “Endodontic Instrumentation” to the issue of treating root canals with the best long-term result in mind. Denis supported his lecture with lots of facts and photos.

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