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Teeth silvering in pediatric dentistry


Our pediatric dentists often have to answer the question "Do we perform the procedure for teeth silvering for children?" It’s interesting to hear an immediate note of disappointment in the parents’ voice to our answer "NO", however, then, during a conversation with a pediatric dentist disappointment makes room for understanding. We would like to let you know what we are talking about with parents in this situation.

What is teeth silvering? Teeth silvering is a method of treating the early and contact caries of primary (milk) teeth, with the use of which the teeth acquire a definitive black-gray color, which only the experienced dentist can "cleanse" later. This discussion of the feasibility and relevance of teeth silvering could be finished but ... The fact is that the early and contact caries of kids teeth becomes the reason for visiting a pediatric dentist rather rarely. This kind of caries looks like a white patch on a tooth or a hardly noticeable defect within the enamel of a tooth. More often parents apply to a pediatric dentist when the enamel is already destroyed, and caries has affected dentin of a milk tooth, which differs from the enamel color, so the cavity becomes noticeable. However, teeth silvering is not medically necessary in such cases. It is another matter that there are situations when due to a child's difficult behavior and impossibility of carrying out qualitative on-demand treatment, silvering of a milk tooth is used to make "at least something" to a child who does not want anything at all. However, teeth silvering without medical reason is irrelevant and can even become harmful.

2. До лікування збільшено3. Після препарування уражених тканин

Before treatment (Multiplied)

After preparation of the affected tissues

Thus, in more detail ... Why we do not use teeth silvering in our pediatric dentistry (in "Dubnova’s Clinic "STOMATOLOGiYA” for children", Kiev)?

1) First of all, today there is a significant number of methods of treating the early and contact caries of primary (milk) teeth, which have much less influence on the aesthetics of the child's face than teeth silvering. This is, for example, fluoridation: a fluoride (usually colorless) is applied to a child's teeth, which stabilizes and fastens the affected tissues of kids teeth. In case of early or contact caries this technique is as effective as silvering.

2) Secondly, in some cases silvering can be even harmful. Why so? If the defect of hard tissues of the milk teeth has gone deeper than the contact caries, and such a lesion is "silvered", the process can be worsen (and, as a rule, it does), despite the procedures performed. However, the parents see black "treated" teeth and believe that everything is in order. Instead of applying to dentist to perform a high-quality dental treatment, they allow the process of tooth decay of their child to go further.

3) No matter how we, adults, think but the aesthetics for both a child and us is a very important aspect! This is a separate big topic for a story and we can discuss for a long time whether a child needs a white smile or black teeth will not spoil it ... However, the fact that the aesthetics of a smile affects the psycho-emotional state, openness, sociability, socialization ... is a confirmed fact. Most of the children who applied for treatment after the silvering of their baby teeth, as a rule, were reluctant to smile, found it difficult to communicate with their peers. And, if we can avoid such a case, we are actually doing this because children who grudgingly smile grow up to the same adults, and we would rather not give a person who is just being formed psychologically a weighty reason for future insecurities.

[caption id="attachment_11103" align="alignleft" width="300"]4. Реставрація After restoration[/caption]

In witness whereof, we want to share with you a story that inspired us to give our children even more sparkling snow-white smiles. The head of the pediatric dentistry "Dubnova’s Clinic "STOMATOLOGIYA", the kid's dentist Oleg L.Kovnatskiy tells:

"A young client of 5 and half years old Fedor went around (as we call our kid's dental visit). Mom immediately asked: "The main question that we have, of course, is not this, but still: it’s getting late to do something with the front teeth, isn’t it? Can you, at least, clean them a little?" I asked what has happened, and the mother sadly told the story of how Fedor a year ago had been spending vacation without her in the village, and there while visiting the dentist, his teeth were silvered to "fasten" them ... Mom says that when she saw Fedor's "fastened" teeth, she cried for three days. Fedor's classmates also did not appreciate the "fastened" teeth: they called him "black-toothed" and "black-mouthed." Therefore, after this teeth "fastening" Fedor stopped smiling.

None is happy. Why? Teeth after silvering become black, and it is impossible to remove this blackness at home. Fedor took a very cautious view of the dental visit, even, with fear. However, I promised him to make the teeth white, and this had inspired the boy. This story once again proves the importance of aesthetics for children - for teeth to become white children overcome their fears! And we did a great job!

Mom's reaction: "What is this? How did you do this!? How is this possible?!? I did not think that this could be possible! And further we have heard accusations of witchcraft and the question of whether everything would not be the same as it was before midnight in Cinderella fairy tale? ". And as the mother was leaving the Clinic, she joyfully stated that she was ready to pay any money for what had been done ... "

When Oleg Leonidovich "was delivering the work” to Fedor, showing on the screen photos of his teeth "before", "during" and "after" the treatment, the boy constantly touched his teeth and tried to see them somehow. And even when he was given a mirror, he still continued to touch his teeth with his hands as if he did not believe that they were in his mouth indeed. On the next follow-up examinations the mother told us that Fedor had been walking two weeks practically from morning till night with a big smile, and that smile had been disappearing only during the night sleep.

In work of the pediatric dentistry of the "Dubnova’s Clinic "STOMATOLOGIYA" we use effective and more aesthetic methods than teeth silvering, thus,we are in favor for healthy smiles and happy children!

 Smile after silvering (before treatment) Smile after treatment