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Successful orthodontic treatment of Angle Class II abnormal bite with the use of braces


Successful orthodontic treatment of Angle Class II abnormal bite with the use of braces

On March 31, 2018 the orthodontist of our clinic Teperev O.O. conducted an author’s course for orthodontists dedicated to the treatment of abnormal bitewith the use of braces of the Cannon Ultra system.

Within the framework of the course Oleg Olegovich examined in detail:

1) Functional features of patients and various manifestations of Angle Class II malocclusion: how it develops, what this abnormal bite leads to and what are the predictions of its treatment and not treatment.

 II класс по Энглю

It is a reminder that the Angle Class II includes patients with the so-called “posterior occlusion” (distal occlusion), the hallmark of which is the retrusion.

2) He initiated the participants of the course into two devices that successfully help to correct the bite of the Angle Class II:

(a) Cannon Ultra Bracket: a story behind and evolution, distinctive features (a revolutionary two-groovesystem that shortens the duration of orthodontic treatment by a factor of two!), clinical case study. The orthodontist has shared his own experience of successfully using this system to treat patients with Angle Class II,

(b) Flex Developer – Class II correction: characteristics and features of its use. 

3) Oleg Olegovich devoted a separate part of the course to the orthodontic preparation for orthognathic surgery (surgical correction of bite). 

Being one of the most effective orthodontists in Kiev (especially in the field of preparation for orthognathic treatment), Oleg Olegovich demonstrated to participants a lot of successful clinical cases from his own practice.

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