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Since when is it necessary to correct an abnormal teeth bite?


The optimal age for correcting the teeth bite is childhood or, in extreme cases, adolescence. In this period, the bone density of the jaw is less, and the teeth loosening is higher, and that particular combination is optimal for successful and relatively fast orthodontic treatment. It is necessary to pay attention to the teeth position starting from the age of 3, when all the first teeth have erupted, and the optimal age when you can quickly correct the abnormal position of the teeth is the age of 5-6 years. At this age, the pediatric orthodontist needs to properly direct the growth of the jaws and thus help the formation of the anatomic bite of the teeth. To do this, the orthodontist’s arsenal has special appliances that influence the muscles of the maxillofacial area and tongue, and can stimulate or slow down (if necessary) skeletal growth, change the width of the palate, and the shape of the jaw bones. For correction, the orthodontic appliances, such as: plates and, in some cases, partial braces are often used.

If the dentist recommends that your kid should visit an orthodontist, do not neglect this recommendation, because early orthodontic treatment often allows you to successfully and relatively quickly correct even the most difficult situation with improper bite of the teeth and ensure the kid not only has a beautiful smile, but also the possibility of chewing food properly. Please, call for a consultation with our pediatric orthodontist by phone (044) 333-49-37.