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Residency on endodontics from doctor Podilchuk D.V.


Residency on endodontics from doctor Podilchuk D.V.

On December 3-7, the deputy of the chief doctor of our clinic, endodontist Podilchuk D.V. spoke at the residency on endodontics.

As part of the residency, 8 specialists give lessons to 6 trainees in all areas of endodontics (from primary to microsurgical and VPT). The following topics were covered by Denis Viktorovich comprehensively:

  • Scientifically evident endodontics,
  • Review of canal treatment protocols,
  • Errors and complications of treatment,
  • The service component of the success of the endodontist,
  • Abnormal development of teeth,
  • Tooth revascularization.

Residency participants had the opportunity to put lessons into practice, in particular, under the supervision of Denis Viktorovich and his colleague to receive a visit from patients in the office of endodontics in order to treat canals.

Резединтура по эндодонтии