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Plates for the alignment of the teeth bite in kids: is it worth it? What’s the price


Any orthodontic appliance (braces, plates, splints, devices) should be used for its intended purpose and indications. All plates and devices are focused on the correction of skeletal growth and development of the jaws, the normalization of muscle work, the harmonization of dental bite and the elimination of bad habits. Growth, development of the face and skeleton cannot be corrected without the help of orthodontic appliance (plates or devices). Therefore, in cases of certain dental bite pathology the appliances serve best, and in the future they simplify correction of dental bite pathologies, harmonize and correct the direction of teeth growth and cutting out.

Prices for plates and devices can vary depending on their design, as well as the number of devices. The price of a plate or device for your kid will be detailed to you by a pediatric orthodontist at a consultation after carefully assessing your kid’s situation and collecting his/her history from parents. The cost of consulting with a pediatric orthodontist in our clinic you can see here. You can make an appointment by calling the administrators of our pediatric department at tel. (044) 333-49-37.