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Philosophy of successful implantation


Philosophy of successful implantation

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Today our specialists, dentist Kostura K.I. and dentist, periodontist-surgeon Volinskaya E.V., visited the lecture-hall in the framework of the Day of practical doctor “Philosophy of successful implantation” organized by the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine, and shared their own know-how and achievements of the team. Konstantin Igorevich raised a hot topic: “A single implant against the bridge prosthetics: the success and rationality of replacing one missing tooth”, and Elizaveta Viktorovna told about plasma therapy in the daily practice of a doctor-periodontist.

Two allegedly different topics that have united under the roof of a very popular dental service: implantation of teeth. Why? Every day a lot of patients ask their dentists the same question: is it worth to do implantation in the absence of just one tooth? And in fact, is it any good doing it and worthwhile?

Do you ask the same question? Then you have to consult Konstantin Igorevich and Elizaveta Viktorovna. To make an appointment is easy! Choose the form that is acceptable for you: tel. (044) 287-54-57, on our site filling out the form of appointment or the form of the call back (you will be contacted by us!).

K.I. Kostura making a report


Photo-case from the report of K.I. Kostura


E.V. Volinskaya delivers a speech

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