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Kids teeth treatment

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Many parents think that it makes no sense to treat children’s teeth because permanent teeth will replace baby ones anyway. Alas, this judgment is essentially wrong. If the decay process is not stopped in time, putrefactive bacteria that are present in the oral cavity of a child will multiply, which will lead to both tooth issues, and lower immunity, the risk of more frequent respiratory viral infections, pharyngitis, laryngitis, and even digestive system disorders! So take your child to see a dentist with extensive experience in treating baby teeth at least twice a year. In his interview, Oleg L. Kovnatskiy, Pediatric Dentist for Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”, answers parents’ frequently asked questions about children’s teeth health:

  • Why is it necessary to brush teeth?
  • Is it necessary to brush baby teeth and why?
  • When to start brushing baby teeth?
  • When to take a child to the dentist’s for the first time?
  • How often is it necessary to take a child to the dentist’s?
  • Why treat baby teeth?
  • How and where is it better to remove the lingual frenulum: at the maternity ward or at the dentist’s?
  • Is anesthesia used when treating children? Which kinds?

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Kids Dentistry (Pediatric dentistry)
Pediatric consultation460 UAH
Computer anesthesia460 UAH
Pediatric filling730 - 1 380 UAH
Root canal treatment of primary tooth1 460 - 2 100 UAH
Aesthetic crown for primary tooth3 300 UAH

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