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Pediatric dentistry. Topical issues and current trends.


Pediatric dentistry. Topical issues and current trends.

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On September 15, 2017, in Kiev during the exhibition “Medvin. Stomatology” a symposium “Pediatric dentistry. Topical issues and current trends.” sponsored by the Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric dentistry (UAPD) was held.  One of the speakers of the symposium was the Head of the children’s unit of our clinic, the pediatric dentist, Oleg L. Kovnatskiy.

The presentation of Oleg Leonidovich was devoted to the restoration of lost hard tissues with metal crowns in pediatric dentistry. In his speech, Oleg Leonidovich detailed the indications and contraindications for the installation of crowns, their types, advantages and disadvantages, installation technique, errors and complications when installing crowns and the possibility of using them.

All parents, whose children visit Oleg Leonidovich in our pediatric dentistry not only note his attentiveness, but particularly distinguish his ability to explain complex dental problems by simple and understandable language. Oleg Leonidovich is equally able to awake not only the patients’ interest, but also his colleagues, stating clearly, simply and comprehensibly at a highly professional level.

If you have a question about your child’s dental condition, and you want to understand how to manage it in a best way, make an appointment with “Uncle” Oleg (as many of his young clients call him) and we guarantee that after his consultation none of unanswered questions will be left.

For appointment please call (044) 333-49-37. You can also ask a question to the doctor on our FB page: Dubnova.dla.detei.

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