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Pediatric Dentistry

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In Kiev, pediatric dentistry is present in many clinics. However, it is not to every clinic that your son or daughter would want to return. The best pediatric dentists work at the pediatric dental clinic (in Kiev) at Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”, who clearly understand peculiarities of children’s psychology and try to make a visit into a game, where the child comes to visit a friend and there is no tension there. This approach creates positive perception of dental manipulations and guarantees good treatment results. You can be sure that your child will be eager to come the next time and you will be happy with our affordable prices and quality of service! Our Clinic is also notable for having both good pediatric dentistry, and pediatric dental surgery. This means, if need be (which can be immediately after or in the process of treatment), you can have all the surgical manipulations done without leaving Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”. At our Clinic’s pediatric dental surgery department in Kiev, professional dental surgeons can also remove baby teeth, if a tooth is destroyed so much that it is impossible to restore by any means or if inflammation is so serious that a nerve or a permanent tooth rudiment is affected.

Наши преимущества:

1. Специализированный детский приём


2. Лечение без боли и бормашины

3.Детская комната с аниматором – умеем позитивно настроить ребенка!
IMAG0376 IMAG0279 IMAG0387

4.«Незаметная» местная компьютерная анестезия


5. Стоматологическое лечение во сне (под наркозом)

6.Обучения индивидуальной гигиене с первого зуба
IMG_3006 Экскурсия_1
7. Приятные подарки детям после лечения

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Kids Dentistry (Pediatric dentistry)
Pediatric consultation250 UAH
Computer anesthesia210 UAH
Pediatric filling490 - 920 UAH
Root canal treatment of primary tooth1 160 - 1 610 UAH
Removing of a primary tooth260 - 670 UAH
Aesthetic crown for primary tooth1 600 UAH

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