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Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric dentistry in Kiev is represented in many clinics. However, your son or daughter will want to come back to far not every clinic. In Dubnova Clinic "STOMATOLOGiYa" at the pediatric dental clinic in the center of Kiev the best kid's dentists work who understand the features of the kid's psychology perfectly well, therefore they try to turn the visit to the doctor into a kind of game where the kid comes to visit a friend. Such an approach gives a child a positive perception of dental manipulations and ... guarantees a good result of treatment. You will see, the next visit to pediatric dentistry will be done with pleasure, and you will be satisfied with our loyal pricing and quality of work!

Team pediatric dentistry Dubnova, Kiev

Moreover, in the autumn of 2018, the renewed and expanded pediatric department of the Dubnova clinic opened its doors to our young clients hospitably, which allowed us to reduce the waiting time for a visit to your favorite pediatric dentist, as well as provide a comfortable playroom and a waiting area for kids.

Dental treatment of children takes place in a playful way! Even the smallest patients are not afraid of children's dentist!

Our Clinic is also distinguished by the fact that it represents not only the best pediatric dentistry, but also the best pediatric surgical dentistry, which means in circumstances, which can occur immediately or during the treatment process, you will be provided by all arrangements related to surgical intervention at the Dubnova clinic "STOMATOLOGiYa", Kyiv.

In addition the pediatric surgical dentistry, which is represented in our clinic by the professional dental surgeons, carry out the removal of first teeth in children, if the tooth is so decayed that it cannot be restored by any means, or the inflammation is so severe that it affects the nerve, the germ of a permanent tooth.

ave the tooth at any cost!Treatment of children's teeth in sleepPediatric dentists are fighting for the nerve germ

A special pride of our pediatric dentistry is the innovation of standard crowns usage in pediatric dentistry, which successfully protect kids teeth from decay and permit to save a place for permanent teeth.

If medically required, the pediatric dentists of Dubnova clinic treat kids teeth in a dream (in a medication sleep) – for which at the pediatric dentistry of Dubnova clinic there is not only necessary equipment (including BIS-monitoring), but also highly professional anesthesiologists.

Our doctors have knowledge how to work, including with special children.

Our Advantages:

1. Specialized pediatric department and the best kid's dentists who work according to uniform standards.

And in our children's dentistry sweet can be!Are you sure this is pediatric dentistry?

2. Treatment without pain and drilling machine.

We treat children's teeth without pain and tears!I can help! At the reception at the children's dentist

3. Play room with an animator - we can positively set up a child!

Pediatric dentistry can be very interesting for children!Positive attitude of the child before dental treatment is an important aspect!I don't even know the word SCARY! Before the reception of children's dentistWho would have thought that in pediatric dentistry will be so fun!

4. Our pediatric dentists use a unique method that forms a positive attitude to dentistry through the game, a lack of trouble before the dentist and building a confidential relationship with the doctor.

Treatment of children's teeth in the form of a game - a great idea!In pediatric dentistry I am in a circle of friends!

5."Invisible" local computer anesthesia.

Local computer anesthesia in the treatment of children's teethEven while working as a pediatric dentist I can smile!

6. Dental treatment during sleep (under anesthesia).

Treatment of children's teeth in sleep, under anesthesiaAll details are important during drug-induced sleep in pediatric dentistryAnesthesia in pediatric dentistry is a big responsibility!

7. Teaching personal hygiene for children and their parents starting from the first tooth.

Oral hygiene is taught to all - and children includingTo teach children how to protect teeth from an early age is the goal of every adultOnly our children's dentists can speak about oral hygiene with such enthusiasm!

We invite you and your kids to our clinic for routine check-ups, an excursion so that the dentist can become for your child not some mysterious stranger, but simply a friend who wants and can help at the right moments. We are looking forward to see you, please, call us!

To make an appointment with a pediatric dentist by phone: (044) 333-49-37 (Kiev, Center, Golosiyvsky district).

Kids Dentistry (Pediatric dentistry)
Pediatric consultation460 UAH
Computer anesthesia460 UAH
Pediatric filling730 - 1 380 UAH
Root canal treatment of primary tooth1 460 - 2 100 UAH
Removing of a primary tooth380 - 940 UAH
Aesthetic crown for primary tooth3 300 UAH

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