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Our doctors at the festival “Live Active”


Our doctors at the festival “Live Active”

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This Sunday, September 23, 2018, doctors and assistants of the pediatric department of our clinic took part in the “Live Active” festival, which was held in Kiev in the “Victory” park and was dedicated to an active and healthy lifestyle. Doctors of the department conducted master classes on individual oral hygiene for the toddlers and already adult children.

Kid’s dentists led by the head of pediatric dentistry of Dubnova clinic, pediatric dentist Kovnatskiy O.L. answered the questions of how to keep of the health of the teeth, about the features of dental visit of children of different ages and the specific treatment of teeth in the conditions of medical sleep. Doctors shared recommendations developed in the department, which help the teeth of young visitors to be healthy.

Participation in the festival is part of the program of prevention and formation of a culture for dental care, which is implemented by our clinic.

It is important for us to lick into shape a culture of health caring, in general (and teeth, in particular) starting from early childhood. After all, beautiful, and most importantly, a healthy smile – it’s important at any age!

During such events and at consultations in the clinic, specialists of the pediatric department are always happy to share information on how to enjoy the dental health of children from an early age.

We invite you and your kids to our clinic to get acquainted with the dentist, our doctors are able to find an individual approach to each small client. 
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