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Occlusion correction with an excellent mark


Occlusion correction with an excellent mark


In anticipation of the professional holiday – the Day of orthodontist, a significant event took place in Kiev: “The International Orthodontics Symposium” (IOS). The event brought together the leading Ukrainian experts – orthodontists and international guests. The main theme of the event was an open occlusion, a mesiooclussion, a hot-button dental topic of the temporomandibular joint disorder – diagnosis and treatment and neuromuscular orthodontics.

Among the distinguished speakers was the doctor of our clinic, maxillofacial and orthognathic surgeon, implantologist, a member of the Ukrainian Dental Association, the elect president of the Association of Ukrainian Implantologists, a member of the Association of Cranio-Maxilofacial Surgeons of Ukraine, the member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a member of the International Team of Implantology, a member of the German Implantology Association International Team of Implantology study club member, director of the ITI Study Club in Ukraine, a visiting professor UIC (Spain) Dubnov A.V. who has dedicated his report to the concept of a face’s aesthetics – the opinion of an orthognathic surgeon.

It’s not a secret that some disclusions can not be corrected by orthodontists (orthodontic appliances and biteplates) only. Then orthodontic surgery comes to the aid of an orthodontist due to which it is possible to correct jaws position and restore functionality and aesthetics of a face, make a face not only more harmonious and attractive but also let a person to chew completely.

If you have an abnormal occlusion, you cannot interdigitate, you do not like your smile, visit the orthognathic surgeon Dubnov A.V. and get an exhaustive estimation of your case and detailed recommendations regarding treatment. You can make an appointment with Artyom Vasilyevich by phone. (044) 333-49-37 or by filling in the registration form in our website. You can also ask a question to Artem Vasilievich on the page “Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGIYA”on Facebook