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New horizons of training by the implantation of teeth from Dubnov A.V.


New horizons of training by the implantation of teeth from Dubnov A.V.

Порту_11-16 сенРъПъ 2018_3

On September 11-16, the theoretical and practical course “The concept of zero bone loss and bone augmentation procedure” was held in Porto (Portugal), conducted by the surgeon-implantologist, maxillofacial and orthognathic surgeon of our clinic Dubnov A.V. together with the famous Lithuanian surgeon Algirdas Puyshis.

One would think that it is just the next course, but no! This course is special one because:

  1. The course is held only once a year.
  2.  Lecturers develop a program for participants, taking into account their individual needs and knowledge. That is, the program is different each year and adapted for specific participants. And it’s not surprising, after all, an individual approach, indeed, is the professional credo of Artem Vasilyevich, which his clients value so much, including,while they are treated by a surgeon.
  3. In the theoretical part of the course, there is the maximum of information about dental implants in the aesthetic zone, the lower jaw and the distal area of the upper jaw. In the practical part, it is live demonstrations of immediate implant placement, installation of implants in the aesthetic zone and guided bone regeneration on the upper jaw, sinus lifting of guided bone regeneration on the lower jaw and vertical augmentation of soft tissues.

Separately, we should note the practical part, which Artem Vasilievich masterfully conducts and comments on. The surgeon-implantologist presents the material very consistently, in detail, clearly and in understandable manner, and also Dubnov A.V. helps the participants of the course “to put their hand” to perform certain manipulations related to implantation of the tooth, which is the visiting card of the surgeon Dubnov.

To make an appointment for a consultation with Artem Vasilievich and get comprehensive  answers to your questions about dental implants, please call: tel. (044) 333-49-37.

Порту_11-16 сенРъПъ 2018_5

A. Puisys (on the left) and А.V. Dubnov (on the right) during the presentation of diplomas with one of the participants of the course

Порту_11-16 сенРъПъ 2018_4

А.V. Dubnov with course’ participants