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Microscopic endodontics performed by Dr. Podilchuk D.V.


Microscopic endodontics performed by Dr. Podilchuk D.V.

On October 26 the event “Minimally invasive treatment is trend of future in dentistry. Within the framework of Inspe-KaVoDays in Ukraine” took place in Lviv. The endodontist of our clinic Podilchuk D.V. made the report “Microscopic endodontics”.

Despite the fact that a dental microscope (which is used in dentistry for the treatment of dental canals and in our clinic as well) has become today a mandatory condition (standard) for the qualitative treatment of dental canals, far from every dental clinic and certainly dental office can afford to buy it. Moreover, this is an issue not only of investments, but, first of all, of a trained specialist who will be able to use the microscope for the purpose and perform treatment of the dental canals at her/his best.

We are very proud of having two specialists in our clinic and we are planning to expand the endodontists team. This is not surprising since the team of doctors is supervised by Denis Viktorovich, who not only performs the dental canal treatment himself but also can professionally train colleagues.

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