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Jeweler prosthetics and restoration of teeth from Dr. Turin I.S.


Jeweler prosthetics and restoration of teeth from Dr. Turin I.S.

From 8 to 11 August, the orthopedist (prosthetist) of our clinic Turin I.S. attended a course on art restoration of teeth, which was held in Poltava. During the course, the participants observed the work of the doctor-teacher in the clinical room with detailed comments by the doctor on the choice of the design and technology for the restoration, listened to the lectures on the author’s methods of restoration using the biomimetic principle, that was developed by Sergei Radlinsky, also conducted a clinical analysis of the current clinical cases, discussed the optimal ways of solving different relevant cases.

As well as there are no two identical fingerprints, there are no two absolutely identical situations in the restoration of teeth and dental prosthetics, so the prosthetist should not only competently evaluate each specific situation, but also to determine the treatment (prosthetics), which is ideal for a specific patient to solve the problem of missing or defective dentition, correct the aesthetic situation, and also will meet its financial capabilities. And Ivan Sergeyevich knows how to do it brilliantly. Reviews of patients who were treated by Ivan Sergeevich can be found on the link.

“Ivan Sergeyevich is one of the few doctors who came to the clinic as already trained specialist, changing his place of living. The doctor has modern methods of treatment and prosthetics, and he does not stop there and continues to study without missing new courses. He perfectly knows English and German, which extends his opportunities for learning and communication. Easily finds a common language and interests with patients and colleagues. I recommend Ivan Sergeyevich to those who appreciate their time and strive to achieve results easily and cheerfully … “, – the head doctor of “Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA” Dubnova L.Y.

You can make an appointment with Dr. Turin Ivan Sergeyevich by calling (044) 287-54-57.

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