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International training programs by Dr. A.V. Dubnov


International training programs by Dr. A.V. Dubnov


On October 21-23, 2016, our Clinic’s Implantologist, Maxillofacial and Orthognathic Surgeon, Dr. A.V. Dubnovconducted a series of training workshops for his colleagues in Kazakhstan.

The workshops took place in three cities, starting in Astana on 10.21.2016, in Almaty on 10.22.2016, and finishing in Karaganda on 10.23.2016.

The topics of lectures covered three major directions of implantology:

  1. working with soft tissue and mucous membranes
  2. minimally invasive implantation
  3. errors in the implantation.

Theoretical material is successfully combined with a lot of examples and practical tasks for participants in Dr. Dubnov’s program. This “3-in-1” format has actually become Dr. Dubnov’s calling card in professional training.