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Dental implants are artificial roots which are inserted in the upper or lower jaw.

Implants are used as a foundation, on which either crowns (fully replacing lost teeth) or removable or fixed dentures are mounted.

An implant is made of two main parts: an implant itself, which is a titanium screw, surgically implanted in the jaw, and an abutment, also made of titanium, which is connected to the implant after osseointegration.

An implant is a titanium structure, which makes it possible to restore lost teeth.

An implant is inserted into the jawbone and serves as a foundation for a crown (porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns or crowns without metal).

Titanium is used because it is biocompatible with human tissues and is rarely rejected by them, and also because it does not enter into reaction with other metals.



  • Single defects of the row of teeth (without preparing healthy neighbouring teeth);
  • Inclusive defects of the row of teeth (without preparing teeth surrounding the defect);
  • End defects of the row of teeth (allows for fixed dentures to be used);
  • Complete absence of teeth (allows for fixed dentures to be used or permits to ensure more reliable fixation of complete removable dentures).

According to the method, implant insertion is divided into:

  • One-stage: restoration is started in the days after the surgery;
  • Twostage: 1st stage – only the root part of the implant is inserted into the bone; 2nd stage – restoration proper, which is done after 8 – 12 weeks for the lower jaw and after 20-28 weeks for the upper jaw;
  • There is another widespread method for inserting dental implants, when they are inserted directly into the extraction site.

According to the timing, insertion of implants can be:

  • Immediate, which is performed at the same time as the tooth extraction, into the dental alveolus;
  • Delayed, which is performed in general after 6 – 9 months.

Doctors of the Dubnova’s Clinic “Stomatolog i Ya” use implants No. 1 in the world, manufactured by the Straumann Company, Switzerland, the leader in the industry.

Info on the Straumann Company and products:

Straumann dental implants are manufactured by the Straumann Company, founded more than 50 years ago. The founder of the Company, Professor R. Straumann, had always been an innovator: he was not interested in traditional methods of dental implantation; he strived to create something greater – not just implants, but maximally precise and comfortable constructions, that would fit any patient.

Today the Company’s products can be best described in three words: reliability, simplicity and versatility. The implants osseointegrate fast, are easy to insert and serve for several decades without creating any trouble for the owner.

According to the Company’s official Web-site, Straumann is defined by “the development of high-quality products that are constructed with regard to biological principals, which ensures successful restoration”. It is necessary to mention that the Company manages to realize its goal, because the percentage of implant rejections is minimal compared to other systems and high quality of the products is supported by the life-long warranty for the implants, given by the Straumann specialists.

Advantages of the Straumann implants:

  • Minimal implant rejection percentage;
  • Life-long warranty by the manufacturer;
  • Implants are only made of pure titanium;
  • Special implant coating SLActive that allows for reliable fixing within the bone;
  • Short osseointegration term – just 4 weeks;
  • It is possible to place implants in people with diseases that are the usual contraindications for implantation: diabetes, hepatitis, osteoporosis;
  • Bone Control Design that allows for maximum bone preservation, even load distribution and reduced implant micro-mobility within the bone;

The Straumann Company cooperates with the leading medical centres, research institutes and universities perfecting their products in accordance with the newest discoveries in science and medical research.

The insertion of implants, as well as any other procedure at the Dubnova’s Clinic “Stomatolog i Ya”, can be done in the state of sedation, medicine-induced sleep that makes the surgery imperceptible.

Two-stage implant, MIS or Megagen20 540 UAH
Two-stage implant, Straumann25 600 UAH
Two-stage implant, Straumann Rocksolide SLActive29 780 UAH

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