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Implantation of teeth in Kiev. Types, stages, contraindications …

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The highly-demanded procedure in the market of modern dental services is dental implantology. Implantation of teeth is the replacement of an absent tooth by its analog - a dental implant. It is made of a metal alloy, biocompatible with the cells of the body, and it easily takes root in bone tissue.

implants implants implants implants implants implants implants 

Varieties of dental implants.

The dental implant itself consists of two parts - a screw that is twisted into the jaw during the surgery, and an abutment, which is an external part in the form of a tooth. The technique of installation of a dental implant, that is, an artificial root of the tooth in the upper or lower jaw, is called dental implantation. Dental implantation has a number of advantages over other methods of restoration of teeth.


Abutments Abutments Abutments Abutments 

Varieties of abutments.

When performing implantation of teeth, adjacent teeth are not affected, as when installing crowns. The load on the jawbone is preserved, which means that it will not atrophy over time. The normal bite and tooth function, as well as its aesthetic appearance, will remain. This set of advantages forces patients to look for the implantation of teeth in Kiev. However, not every dental clinic in Kiev can afford this high quality service.

Dental implantation, above all, rests on three pillars: doctors' qualifications, installation technologies and the quality of dental implants. There are all three components of quality in Dubnova’s dental clinic.

For the implantation of teeth "from A to Z" in Kiev we use high-quality implants of the Swiss company Straumann, including Straumann-active Roxolid.


Dental Implants of Straumann Dental Implants of Straumann

Dental Implants of Straumann.

Swiss implantology (Straumann) has been operating on the dental services market for more than 50 years. Aesthetic implantology from this manufacturer gives its customers a lifetime quality guarantee.Inspe sertyfikat implantativ Straumann

Guarantee certificate for Straumann implant.

All Straumann implants are made from pure commercially rated titanium with a special coating that speeds up the process of its implantation into the bone.

Moreover, clients of our dental clinic can choose Korean implants Megagen and Israeli ones - MIS. All dental implants, used in our clinic, were tested by years of service. They differ by the country of the producer, materials and price.


Scheme: implant + abutment + crown

Dental implant + abutment + crown.

Types of implantation of teeth in Kiev

Professionals of the dental clinic of Dubnova use only advanced techniques for implantation of teeth.

Endoosseous implantation

Endoosseous implantation is the most natural and effective method that modern implantology has a command of. Progressive implantologists around the world work precisely on this method. The advantage of it is that the implant of the tooth is placed inside the bone. Therefore, such implants are well healed and function in a quality manner.


The installed dental implants look like this The installed dental implants look like this

The installed endoosseous dental implants (intraoral photo).

 Dental implants (on X-ray)

Dental implants on X-ray.

In order to perform endosseous (intraosseous) implantation, it is necessary that the alveolar ridge is of the required height. If it is not high enough, then before the implantology stage the doctor will suggest you to perform osteoplasty - to build up the missing bone tissue and improve its quality. Most often, endosseous implantation is performed using tapered dental implants. If the bone is very thin, then the blade-vent or combined forms of implants are used.

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Laser implantation of teeth

This type of implantation, used in our dental clinic, is quite accurate and has a number of unmatched advantages over other methods used in dental implantology.

Laser implantation of teeth

Laser implantation of teeth.

Laser surgery is fast, lasting only 20-30 minutes. Under laser intervention, the risk of infection is minimal, since the wound bed is small. Dental laser, in contrast to the scalpel of the surgeon-implantologist, makes a small precise incision of the gum. In addition, it has bactericidal properties. During laser implantation of the teeth, there is no bleeding, the damaged vessels are immediately cauterized. The wound heals quickly and without inflammation.

Laser implantation of teeth, the dental implant is installed Laser implantation of teeth, the dental implant is installed

Laser implantation of teeth: the dental implant is installed.

Laser implantation of teeth, at the end of the procedure of installing nonremovable structures

Laser implantation of teeth: at the end of the procedure of installing non-removable structures. 

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The “All-on-4” procedure is the installation of 4 implants to restore the dentition of the entire jaw. The technique is used for patients who fail to gain a bone in the desired area according to the physiological characteristics of the organism.


Dental implantation "All-on-4".


The patient before implantation (initial stage) and after implantation of teeth using "All-on-4".

A character of this surgery is the attachment of two dental implants at an angle of 45 degrees bypassing the maxillary sinuses. Abutments with the inclined fastening are applied to them. Two other implants are installed in the area of the anterior teeth at an angle of 90 degrees.

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This is an advanced method of All-on-4 technology (all-on-four). When chewing, the load is distributed more evenly than under the All-on-4 technology.



Dental implantation "All-on-6".


Dental implantation "All-on-6".

A pair of titanium rods is fixed in the area of the front teeth, the remaining 4 rods - in the chewing area, at an angle of 60 degrees. All 6 dental implants do not come into contact with the maxillary sinuses.

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Express implantation or immediate implantation of teeth

Express implantation is when an implant and a dental crown are installed during one visit at endosseous implantation.

 Express implantation, before and after

Express implantation: BEFORE  and AFTER.

One stage placement of teeth is not appropriate for all patients. In order to proceed with express implantation, all conditions should be ideal, namely: an adequate bone volume, space for installing a dental implant, as well as the absence of general contraindications. Behind the scenes, it happens so rarely. Usually, however, intraosseous implantation of teeth is performed in 2 stages: first, the implant should be placed, and after healing the crown should be placed on a tooth.

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Basal implantation

Basal implantation of teeth is used in dental implantology, when the jaw bone volume of the patient is not adequate, and there is no chance to perform an additional surgery to augment it.

bone augmentation tehnique bone augmentation tehnique

Bone augmentation with basal implantation.

bone augmentation (material) bone augmentation (material)

Material for bone augmentation.

Basal implants are placed deep into the bone tissue not from the top, but from the side. This technique takes less time, does not require additional surgery for osteoplasty (bone augmentation). The prices for basal implantation are slightly lower on the dental services market, but the patients' opinions indicate its insecurity.

Clients' comments about "Dubnova’s clinic "STOMATOLOGiYa "(Kiev), please, read here.

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Stages of dental implantation in "Dubnova’s clinic "STOMATOLOGiYa" (Kiev)

What medical tests have you to undergo before dental implantation?

Implantation is not a dangerous and not a complicated surgery, but before the procedure you will be asked to undergo some medical tests. It is obligatory to undergo the following tests: a general blood test, blood coagulation test, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, blood group and Rh factor.

Medical tests  for dental implantation

Medical tests for dental implantation

In addition, the doctor in charge, after examining the patient, can amend the list of medical tests. For example, a person with diabetes needs a blood test for glucose, a person with cardiovascular diseases will be asked to consult a cardiologist, highly allergic individuals will be offered to visit an allergologist.

Also, at the stage of preparation for dental implantation, you will need to make a cone beam computer tomography or orthopantomogram. These tests are necessary to ensure that the implantologist can see the position of the maxillary sinuses, nerve trunks and could estimate the peculiarities of the jaw bone.

1-03-01-6 1-02-01-6 Cone beam computer tomograph

Cone beam computer tomograph.

Indications and contraindications for the teeth implantation surgery

When there is a single defect of the dentition, the adjacent teeth are perfectly healthy and the tooth enamel is not damaged, it is indicated to implant one tooth. It is required to implant teeth, if there are no some teeth, or there are last teeth in dentition, and, also, if there is a full absence of a teeth.

Implantation of teeth is the only possible option for patients with allergies or hypersensitivity to acrylates, of which removable dentures are made. However, if you have diseases of the central nervous system, tuberculosis, HIV infection, AIDS, any malignant tumors, the doctor will not put hand to implantation.

You can also be refused in neglected cases of a hypertension and diabetes. Although after successful compensation of the above diseases, teeth implantation can be successfully performed by a qualified experienced dental surgeon-implantologist.

Also, contraindication to the treatment by a dental implantologist will be a coagulation failure, low tolerance of pain medications, allergy to medications, hypertonicity of masticatory muscles. An alternative to implantation of teeth - prosthetics is indicated for such patients.

Dentures Dentures


Relative contraindications are sore gum or caries near the teeth implantation site.

Caries near implantation site

Caries near implantation site. 

Having previously treated the disease, it is allowed to perform dental implantation.

It is not allowed to take in the blood thinners one week before surgery, because this can provoke bleeding during surgery. Smoking before surgery reduces the probability of successful implantation, so 2 weeks earlier you will have to break this habit.

No smocking during implantation! 


During the teeth implantation surgery in the "Dubnova’s clinic "STOMATOLOGiYa" (Kiev)

The first stage of the surgery of dental implantation is anesthesia. In our dental clinic it is performed using a computer anesthesia system. When anesthesia has effect, the surgeon makes an incision in the gum, drills a hole in the bone tissue and installs a dental implant.

The protruding part of the pin is closed with a special plug. That is all. After about 10-15 days, the tissue around the pin will heal, and the implant will become a proper root for the abutment installation.

Dental implants for the upper, lower or anterior teeth are significantly different. After all, the jawbone has a different thickness and width, so the shape and size of the dental implants depend on the site of their future location, as well as on the technology by which they will be installed. For the implantation of the anterior teeth, implants with a special thread and a small diameter are used.

 Implantation of the anterior tooth, BEFORE the treatment

Implantation of the anterior tooth: BEFORE the treatment.

Implantation of the anterior teeth, after installing the implant and plug

Implantation of the anterior teeth: AFTER installing the implant and plug.

Implantation of the anterior teeth, after the end of treatment (the crown on the abutment is installed)

Implantation of the anterior teeth: AFTER the installation of the crown on the abutment.

During installation implantologist should securely fix them, and minimally injure the tissues of the jaw. Implants of the anterior teeth should be as aesthetic as possible, and this requires the surgeon's jewelry work.

Implantation of the teeth of the upper jaw also has a number of features. The point is that the bone here is more porous and precarious, since when chewing the load is mainly on the lower jaw. Therefore, in the absence of a tooth, bone tissue quickly atrophies. When implanting the upper teeth, there is also a risk of damage to the maxillary sinuses.

When implanting the lower teeth, it is important to bypass the large blood vessels and nerves, which are in large numbers in the lower jaw.

Implantation in the lower jaw, after implant and plug installation

Implantation in the lower jaw: after implant and plug installation.

It is mobile, has many roughnesses and bumps, which must also be taken into account when implanting the teeth of the lower jaw.

The surgeon-implantologist can offer you a bone augmentation at teeth implantation.

Most often this happens with patients with defects in the frontal sections of the upper jaw with a narrow alveolar crest, as well as with defects in the anterior area of the lower jaw. In this area, the mandibular nerve passes close to the gum edge. In order not to injure it accidentally, osteoplasty is applied when implanting the teeth. Prices for implantation in this case will be higher, the recovery period will also increase, but at the end you will get a quality dental implant, which will be functional for many years.

Also an important stage is gingival plastic when implanting teeth. The condition of soft tissues affects the efficiency of the dental implant installation, the appearance and function of the future crown. Therefore, if the gum is loose or inflamed, its width is less than 3 mm, you will be advised to make gum augmentation when implanting the teeth. Its defects are corrected by various surgical techniques, but in a single sentence, it is to give the gum the right position.

Gingival plastic at implantation of teeth 

Gingival plastic at implantation of teeth.

Healing Abutment at implantation. What is it?

At the end of the surgery, when the dental implant is already installed, the surgeon installs the healing abatement. This is a metal part that is screwed from above onto the dental implant. It is necessary for the gum to be formed around the dental implant correctly.

Healing abutment Healing abutment

Healing abutment.

Later, the healing abutment will be removed, and the implantologist will screw the abutment in its place - this part looks like a sharpened tooth and is intended to be a support for the crown.

After implantation of teeth

The first few days after setting the healing abutment, painful sensations are possible. This is normal. But if the pain after the implantation is acute and lasts for many days, it means the inflammation of the soft tissues has developed. It is necessary to consult a doctor for advice.

Also, a frequent phenomenon is edema after implantation of teeth. It passes quickly and does not require any action to cure.

There are cases when a gum after the tooth implantation is excessively squashed with instruments. In this case, it is necessary to change the healing abutment, and the pain after implantation will pass.

Often patients ask, on what day after teeth implantation should stop the bleeding from the wound? It is normal if mild bleeding lasts several days. If the patient takes aspirin, the gums bleeding can last up to 10 days after implantation of the teeth.

Implantation of teeth. Possible complications

One of the early complications of implantation of teeth can be bleeding. This means that during the operation one of the large vessels was damaged. This is the case with their anomalous location.

Also, due to the anomalous structure of the jaw bones, mobility of the dental implant is possible, which negatively affects the process of its engraftment.

After the implantation, sensitivity disorders occur. At the site of surgery, there may be a sensation of “pins and needles”, creeping, numbness, and so on. This indicates trauma to the nerve trunk. If the dental implant touches it, the dental implant must be removed.

Among the complications is also the exposure of the dental implant. This means that it does not take root in bone tissue well. This is the case with improper formation of the gingival flap, its strong tension, the pressure of the temporary denture, as well as the patient's non-compliance with the rules of care of the surgical wound.

Infectious complications at the implantation of teeth cause extremely rare.

Anesthesia for implantation of teeth

The decision about the type of anesthesia during the implantation surgery, of course, is taken by the doctor, evaluating each specific situation. Often, the implantation of teeth under local anesthesia - the area where the implantologist will work, is anesthetized. The patient is conscious at this time, but does not feel pain. In the case where surgery under local anesthesia is not possible, the implantation of teeth under general anesthesia is performed.

Anesthesia for implantation of teeth

Anesthesia for implantation of teeth.

Furthermore, in modern dental implantology sedatives are used. These medications settle down a person in a light sleep, thus, relieving pain, anxiety, fear of the procedure. This type of anesthesia has fewer contraindications and side effects than classical anesthesia used in surgical hospitals. The patient easily emerges and can go to the home himself / herself.

If after a tooth extraction you do not like yourself in the photo, if you are not able to chew well, you need a high-quality implantation of teeth. Patients' comments about "Dubnova’s clinic "STOMATOLOGiYa" (Kiev) prove that the best implantation of teeth is performed in our clinic. If you read these lines, then it's time to decide: call us for a consultation: the implantologist will set a treatment regimen and the cost of it, tell you how to prepare for dental implantation properly in order to perform it in the best possible way. That's “half the battle”!

Our dental clinic uses all the latest methods, which are known in modern dentistry. And the qualification of our implantologists allows to minimize the risk of possible complications and make the implantation of teeth for the client as comfortable, convenient and fast as possible.


The client of our clinic Adamchuk BEFORE and AFTER his teeth implantation

The client of our clinic Mr. Adamchuk BEFORE and AFTER his teeth implantation

Two-stage implant, MIS or Megagen22 200 UAH
Two-stage implant, Straumann27 580 UAH
Two-stage implant, Straumann Rocksolide SLActive33 490 UAH

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