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How much does cost the treatment of tooth canals


“How much does cost the treatment of tooth canals in Ukraine? What is included in the price of tooth treatment? Why is high-quality canal treatment so important? ”- Denis Viktorovich Podilchuk, dentist – endodontist, co-founder of the Ukrainian Endodontic Community, international lecturer, mentor of the first private residency in endodontics in Ukraine at the Dental Education Clinic, author of the course ServiceDay, deputy chief doctor of the Dubnova Clinic, answer to these and other questions.

podilchuk_portrHow much is the treatment of one canal?

- The cost of dental canal treatment in Ukraine varies from 500 hryvnia to 25,000 or more Hryvnia per tooth. A reasonable question arises, why is there such a difference in cost? Materials, instruments, equipment, knowledge of the doctor are key factors in the success of treatment. Now let's get into the issues.


The canal can be filled:

1. by the “Soviet” cement (resorcinol-formalin), the cost of which is low, however, the result as well. Among its main disadvantages are a toxic effect on the body, tooth staining in a dark color, a poor prognosis for treatment, and difficult “recure”. In some Western countries, this material is completely prohibited, but in Ukraine it is still very popular, first of all, because of its low cost and ease of working with it.
2. by filling according to the requirements of modern standards - three-dimensional obturation with “AH plus” material with flowing gutta-percha.

The canal can be disinfected:

1. Not disinfected at all - minimal success of treatment, high risk of infection;
2. Washed for several minutes with ordinary hydrogen peroxide is ineffective;
3. Washed according to the requirements of modern standards - about half an hour with sodium hypochlorite and EDTA (more solution - less infection).

Instruments – the canal is expanded, cleaned and formed by thin instruments, like needles. If the instruments are not changed in time, the risk of breaking the instrument directly in the canal of the tooth increases (which, unfortunately, takes place in the dental practice). A new instrument may also break, but the likelihood of such an outcome is much lower. The minimum price for a set of decent hand instruments is 200 Hryvnia, and if a patient has a long, curved canal, several different sets may be needed. If the doctor works with machine instruments (they work faster and the quality is higher), then their cost ranges from 1,500 Hryvnia per set, which is non-reusable. Under conditions of “recure” the number of instruments can be even greater. All of them must be used a limited number of times and must be sterilized or disposed of. Today, the Ukrainian market is full of Chinese instruments, which are sometimes of very poor quality. Make it worse, there are many fakes of decent Chinese and European instruments. Today, we mainly use “RaCe” instrument of the Swiss company FKG.

Equipment – new devices and sets of cleaning, disinfection and canal filling are expensive, but they are the key to successful treatment. For example, a microscope for the treatment of canals, on average, costs 15,000 Euros, a system for three-dimensional filling of canals with warm material is about 2,000 Euros, etc.

The training of a doctor is necessary for the doctor to master modern techniques in her/his specialization, when it is necessary to periodically attend conferences, lectures and master classes of domestic and foreign lecturers. Unfortunately, there is no sub-specialization of “endodontist” in Ukraine, therefore, dentists, who want to treat the canals, are undergoing multi-stage training. Endodontics residency in some private courses costs up to $ 7,000 for 4 months of study, and we are speaking about Ukraine.

The speed of work and the number of visits - an experienced and modern doctor works faster and can treat the majority of teeth in 1-2 visits. It is not unusual that patients, who visit us, have been treated in other clinics already for half a year, applying various medications. We can finish these cases in 1-3 visits in 2 weeks and save a lot of time for our patients.

The probability of complications and their outcome – there is such a phrase in dentistry: “Only those doctors, who do not work, do not break the instruments”. Unfortunately, all doctors have complications. An experienced doctor has fewer complications, and she/he knows how to correct them.

Why is the quality of canal treatment so important?

Let’s consider the example of the treatment of the 6th upper tooth.

Option 1

«Fast and cheap canal treatment»

1. The probability of successful treatment is 30%.

According to the statistics, in 50% of cases the general practitioner without a microscope cannot find an additional 4th canal of the upper posterior tooth.

2. The probability of further "recure" increases dramatically. The risk of additional surgery is also high, and if it is already impossible (or not effective), the tooth must be extracted.

3. The next stage raises the issue of the rehabilitation of the dentition. The best option for restoring a missing tooth is implantation, the cost of which, together with the crown, on average costs from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per tooth. If instead of implants the option of setting the “bridge” is chosen, then it will be necessary to “grind” the adjacent teeth and pay for three crowns, at least.

Option 2

«High-quality treatment of canals»

1. The probability of success with a modern treatment protocol using a microscope is 90%.

2. The likelihood of further “recure” and further additional surgical intervention is sharply reduced.

3. Tooth treatment will cost you 4000-12 000 UAH. After 6 months you will be invited for a control check-up.

Conclusion: high-quality canal treatment is prevention of tooth extraction

At the end of the interview I would like to quote Academician N.I. Pirogov «The future of medicine is prevention!», take care of yourself and be healthy.