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Endodontics without conflicts from Dr. Podilchuk


Endodontics without conflicts from Dr. Podilchuk

podilchuk_portrOn September 7, 2018 Deputy Chief Doctor of “Dubnova Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYa”, endodontist doctor Podilchuk D.V. (ссылка на биографию) made a presentation for the panel “Clinical endodontics”, which took place within the framework of the Lecture for Practical Physician named after prof. Danilevsky M.F., which took place during the dental exhibition “Medvin: Stomatology”.

Denis Viktorovich’s report was devoted to how to treat the root canals without conflicts, namely:

  • how to communicate with the patient;
  • what information the doctor should provide to the patient in order to explain simply and clearly the essence of the treatment to be performed and its duration;
  • how to calm the patient during the treatment; 
  • how to sensitize the patient to treatment, achieve effective treatment and positive results.

Patients of Denis Viktorovich know firsthand how much attention the endodontist pays to not only understand the situation from the medical point of view, but also to correctly sensitize the patient for treatment, thus ensuring not only effective but also comfortable treatment of the root canals. And to the very issue of treating canals, the endodontist Podilchuk D.V. comes with all the care and attention, and patients leave the doctor with grateful reviews and recommend the doctor to their relatives and friends . Thank you for that!

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