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Dubnova Clinic – № 1 Reference clinic 3Shape!


Dubnova Clinic – № 1 Reference clinic 3Shape!


More recently (in October 2018), our clinic was the the only in Ukraine that received Platinum Provider Straumann status in Ukraine, and today we are happy to communicate to you a new achievement: Dubnova Clinic is the first one in Ukraine that has been awarded a status  Reference clinic 3Shapea clinic recommended for prosthetics using intraoral scanning.

What does the clinic new status mean for the clients?

First of all, the new status means the introduction and usage in the daily work of the clinic of an intraoral dental scan (in our clinic it is the Trios 3 CART – scanner of the latest generation) – a revolutionary technology that, without exaggeration, turned the world of prosthetics and restorations, making the procedure for taking impressions high-tech, but the most important thing is that it is incredibly accurate and comfortable. The fact is that intraoral scanning not only eliminates the tedious process of taking impressions and very unpleasant sensations due to the presence of large debris in the mouth – impression compound and a spoon, but also brings prosthetics and restoration of teeth to a new quality level, making prosthetic teeth incredibly realistic and lively!

OFXK3266Now you can get accurate impressions of teeth comfortably, accurately, in detail and quickly:

  • Comfortably:No more unpleasant sensations! Even those of us who can respond with a gag reflex to the introduction of debris into the oral cavity, or feel fear, tension, inhibitedness before visiting the doctor, feel comfortable, relaxed and completely trust the doctor’s actions during intraoral scanning. After all, now instead of a compound mass and an impression spoon, the dentist uses a miniature scanner that resembles a pen, moreover, everything that is happening now can be watched on the monitor;
  • Accurately: The software of the intraoral scanner creates an optical impression in whicherrors are excluded when retrieving anatomical data,which meansthat the manufacture and installation of the restoration is carried out with the highest precision, ensuring the most effective result of orthopedic treatment for the minimum number of visits;

              Link to the video:

  • In detail: The sensor of the intraoral scanner is equipped with different tips, some of which allow you to capture what you see not only with the help of photos, but also with video recordings of the highest resolution. The virtual three-dimensional color image transmitted from the camera to the monitor is detailed to the highest degree. This high detail allows the doctor to identify the slightest deviations from the physiological or aesthetic norms, and therefore create aesthetic restorations with maximum accuracy;
  • Quickly: Using the intraoral scanner, you can examine the surface of all the teeth and the oral mucosa in less than 10 minutes, and even dark areas in all planes can be examined in detail to ensure perfect fit of the future restoration, reduction of workflow and grinding during patient visit and reducing the number of repeat visits.

Prosthetics and restoration of the highest quality teeth – our credo.
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