Oleg O. Teperev


Dentist, Orthodontist, a member of the Ukrainian Orthodontics Association.

1993 – graduated from the Khmelnitsky Medical College as a «Feldsher» (a paramedical practitioner).

1998 – graduated from the Dental Faculty of the Lvov State University.

1998-1999 – internship in general dentistry.

In 2003 he trained and was certified as an Orthodontist. Mr. Teperev collaborates with many leading dental clinics in Kiev and Khmelnitsky.

He has been seeing patients in the Dubnova’s Clinic «STOMATOLOGiYa»since 2011.

He devotes his spare time to various family activities.

Portfolio of works

Vadim is the son of the leading orthopedist of Dubnova’s clinic (photo 1). His father – a dentist-prosthetist, assessing the situation with the bite of his kid with an unbiased eye, decided not to postpone the treatment “for later” and move on to the correction of the bite as early as possible, without waiting for the problem to worsen. He confided the treatment of his son to Oleg Olegovich – one of the most successful orthodontists in Kiev.

Photo 1

Vadim was diagnosed with the anterior position of the lower jaw, his teeth carved in a traumatic position and could begin to erase at any moment (photo 2, photo 3).

Photo 2, 3

Orthodontic treatment started with the separation of the bite according to a specific type. For this purpose, plastic semi bite splints were used, which were cemented onto the lower teeth as caps (photo 4). Their task is to open the bite and direct the kid’s teeth into growth. These semi bite splints do not cause discomfort for the kid, and he quickly gets used to them. Result after using splints (photo 5-7).

Photo 4

Photo 5, 6, 7

At the next stage of orthodontic treatment, brackets were segmented (on several teeth), the purpose of which was to normalize the positions of the 4 upper teeth and to direct the bite into natural growth (photo 8).

Photo 8

All treatment by an orthodontist was carried out in stages (as appropriate and considering the growth of teeth) and lasted for 3 years. At the same time, the kid did not use the brackets all the time, but only for some periods, which also contributed to the success of treatment.

According to the results of the last examination, Vadim has an anatomic bite, his teeth function correctly (photo 9-11).

First of all, it should be noted that Natalia resides in Milan. She came to the clinic on the recommendation of her sister, who was successfully treated at the clinic. Natalia complained about a face misalignment (lack of symmetry), the lower jaw, which protrudes forward over the top, incomplete closure of some teeth (photo 1-4).

Photo 1-4

Natalia was diagnosed with abnormal bite caused by hyperplasia (excessive development) of the lower jaw and hypoplasia (insufficient development) of the upper jaw (photo 5-7). However, the bite disorder and asymmetry of the face, presented in Natalia, could not be corrected only by orthodontic manner. Natalia was recommended to consult an orthognathic surgeon and perform the subsequent orthodontic-orthognathic treatment.

Photo 5-7

After orthodontic preparation (which was carried out in constant cooperation with an orthognathic surgeon) (photo 8-9), Natalia underwent a two-maxillary orthognathic operation, and in 2 months after the operation the final orthodontic treatment with brackets was carried out (photo 10-12).

Photo 8-9

Photo 10-12

It should be noted that Natalya scrupulously complied with all the instructions and recommendations of the doctors during the treatment and regularly (despite the long distance of her place of residence) came to all examinations. All the treatment took 1 year and 3 months, of which 2 months was the postoperative period, during which the orthodontic treatment was not performed. Natalya is very pleased with the result, and even wrote a comment in the book of reviews of our clinic (photo 13-15).

Photo 13-15

To complete the treatment, Natalia will have to implant one missing tooth (photo 16), which will revive 100% of the functionality of her tooth-jaw system and put an end to her treatment plan.

During her first visit to the clinic, Svetlana immediately said: “I want to have straight teeth” (photo 1-3). Interestingly, once Svetlana has already undergone orthodontic treatment (about 10 years have passed since its completion).

Photo 1-3

Svetlana was diagnosed with an abnormal bite and teeth erasure (photo 4-6).

Photo 4-6

As a result of orthodontic treatment (photo 7-8), which lasted for 1 year and 3 months, the teeth bite was corrected, the situation of teeth erasure was normalized by temporary restorations, with the help of which the missing tooth shape was reconstructed (photo 13-15). Currently, she is in the process of fixing (photo 12). In about 3 months, Svetlana can finally complete her treatment when the temporary restoration will be replaced with veneers (photo 9-11).

Photo 7-8

Photo 9-11

Photo 12

Our employees also treat their teeth and correct bite! So, Yulia, dental assistant at our clinic (photo 1-3), visited the orthodontist “for straight teeth”.

Photo 1-3

Yulia was diagnosed with a cross bite, which leads to the erasure of teeth, as well as to early joint problems that manifest themselves due to improper closure and functioning of the teeth (photo 4-6).

Photo 4-6

As a result of the orthodontic treatment, which lasted for 12 months, the problem was completely resolved: Yulia’s bite was corrected and her teeth were restored, first with temporary restorations and then with permanent restorations (photo 7-9).

Photo 7-9

Now Yulia does not feel bad to smile and often hear good words from people, including the clients of the clinic (photo 10-12).

Lyudmila complained about a misalignment of the face (asymmetric face), lack of closure of some teeth, joint pain and exposure of the gum margin (photo 1-4). She also noted that she seemed to be constantly looking for where to put the lower jaw while chewing, and at night she had teeth grinding (bruxism phenomena). She was diagnosed with functional class II, 1 subclass of Angle (photo 5-8).

Photo 1-4

Photo 5-8

Two maxillary orthodontic treatments, which lasted only 9 months (photo 9-11), were performed for Lyudmila.

Photo 9-11

After treatment with an orthodontist, Lyudmila notes incredible improvements on her face and plans to take up the question of correcting her nose shape (photo 12-19).


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