Nikita V. Timoshok

Dentist - endodontist

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Dentist – endodontist

In 2014, he graduated from the Dentistry Faculty of the Bogomolets National Medical University.

2014-2016 — General Dentistry internship at the University.

In 2015, he joined the staff at Dubnova’s Clinic”STOMATOLOGiYA” first as an intern, and since 2016 he has been seeing patients without supervision.

He participates actively in discussion clubs, professional congresses, conferences, and practical workshops, improving his professional level and perfecting his skills.

English speaking doctor.

In his spare time he loves doing sports, especially football, but most of all he enjoys spending time with friends.

Portfolio of works

The man visited Dubnova’s dental clinic with complaints of pain in the tooth when biting. Usually, this complaint is an indicator of a tooth nerve problem (tooth canals), therefore, the clinic administrators were not mistaken, immediately appointing a client to visit an endodontist. The patient was diagnosed with periodontitis (due to a cyst or granuloma) in a tooth with a complex (slit-like) structure of the canals (photo 1). It is important to note that this kind of neoplasm heals within 6 months to several years. After the dental treatment, a complete recovery occurred

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In Dubnova’s dental clinic, a woman of 32 years old was treated for caries. After a DR image of the tooth was made (to determine the depth of the carious lesion), the doctor found a fragment of the instrument in the tooth canal (photo 1) – the “body of work” of the tooth canal treatment at another clinic.

It is curiously to note, that such findings in the dental canals are far from uncommon! Here you can read more information about the instrument in the dental canal:

Instrument fragments or other extraneous materials in the canal can make disinfection of the tooth canal more complex, and, if there is inflammation at the root, the canal should be definitely retreated and the fragment should be removed. In fact, if the fragment of tools and other extraneous materials occur, it is a source of chronic inflammation in the body.

Therefore, the patient was directed first to retreatment of the tooth canal, during which the endodontist removed a fragment of the instrument by the microscope, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the dental canal, and only then filled it (photo 2). The patient may no longer worry about the instrument fragments in her canal and calmly finish the tooth treatment, which has been already done.

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A man visited Dubnova’s dental clinic complaining of a pain in the tooth that had previously been treated in another clinic.

Unfortunately, in the course of the previous dental treatment, the tooth was perforated (a false hole was created in the wall of the tooth), which resulted in inflammation of the root and pain in the tooth (photo 1).

Photo 2 – X-ray image of the tooth in 6 months after a canal retreatment – the inflammation heals, the perforation is hermetically filled.

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