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Breakfast with Dr. Podilchuk


Breakfast with Dr. Podilchuk

On November 18, 2017  in one of the Kiev restaurants the doctor-endodontist, deputy chief doctor of “Dubnova Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA” Podilchuk D.V. met with colleagues, dentists, to discuss customer service issues, namely: what is a good customer service, how to find and retain clients, how to avoid staff turnover, what’s new or about innovations in client servicing, etc. After all it is not enough to be just a good doctor, it is necessary and important to be able to enlist the client support, to explain simply and understandably, to form a credit of trust, to understand and even anticipate the client’s needs. Given that the client has a lot of opportunities to compare and choose a dental clinic in Kiev.

Denis Viktorovich shared with his colleagues not only the theoretical knowledge but the already tested best practice because the effectiveness and the total number of retained clients in the clinic and their recommendations to the relatives and friends speaks volume. Precisely this is our clinic today.

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