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Be vibrant!


Be vibrant!

On June 9, 2018, kid’s dentists of the “Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA” took part in the “Be vibrant!” festival, which was held in Kiev in the Taras Shevchenko Park. Ishutko Ilona Fedorovnaand Sukhova Alexandra Mikhailovna conducted oral hygiene master classes and talked about keeping the teeth of children healthy. Our kid’s dentists are always willing to share their knowledge and skills in respect of dental health, and they really do this on patients visits and when participating in similar events.

In our clinic we will help the kid learn to care for the teeth and to clean them with pleasure, and we will show the parents how and when to help the kid, so that it could be interesting and fun. And we will also select the teeth care products, which are necessary for your kid to use at home.

To book your hygiene lesson, please, call (044) 333-49-37.

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