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All you need to know about veneers


IMG_9692-1What are veneers? What is the difference between them and the crown? How are they installed? Our orthopedic dentist Ivan Tyurin answers the questions of our patients.

What are veneers and what is the technology?

Veneers are a method of restoring teeth with ceramics. The main aim of veneers is to improve the smile, change the shape and color of the teeth. The technology consists in that the tooth or its part is ground and covered with a special cap - veneer. Usually they are superimposed on the outer, visible part of the tooth.

What is the difference between veneers and fillings?

Veneers are more reliable than teeth restoration with photopolymer fillings, because veneer is one monolithic piece, which is glued to each tooth separately using a thin layer of special glue - composite cement. To make it clearer, I propose to compare the veneer and filling with porcelain and plastic utensils. Porcelain dishes initially look better, and are better preserved during service. In addition, the veneer is made of ceramic, which looks more natural, serves better, has greater strength and, accordingly, a smaller volume (it turns out that the tooth will be ground less). The filling is, in simple words, a kind of plastic, it does not look so beautiful, and is not so strong, and it will be larger in volume. However, of course, the filling has its advantages. For example, it is done directly in the mouth, in one visit to the doctor, that is, it is a much faster process.

And how does a veneer differ from a crown?

Veneer is not applied to the entire tooth in a circle, but only on its outer part. To put the crown, the whole tooth is ground around the perimeter, along the gum, during which such a ledge or cornice is formed, and then a sizeable crown is put on this tooth. Veneer, even in the case of chewing teeth, can be put on only a part of the tooth. That is, there is no need to grind the whole tooth. Another important difference: the crown covers, as a rule, the teeth without a nerve. Veneer is desirable to put on a live tooth, in which there is a nerve.

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How long does the whole installation process of veneers last? What stages does it consist of?

In general, it lasts about three weeks. On the first visit to the doctor, the patient is examined, taking various pictures (including 3D). The design of a future smile is modeled on a computer: different variants of the tooth shape are superimposed on the patient's photo and, the patient together with the doctor selects the optimal one. Based on the impression, temporary plastic overlays of the same shape as future veneers are made and placed on the teeth. After that, it is possible either immediately grind your teeth, or stay for a while with the design of a new smile, consulting with relatives. In this case, the patient lives with temporary overlays. Then within 2-3 weeks the technician in the laboratory manufactures them. The technician needs to choose the most suitable colors, degree of transparency, adjust the shape. During the second visit of the patient to the doctor, temporary overlays are removed and veneers are installed.

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Is installing veneers a painful process?

It would be painful if it passed without anesthesia. However, during grinding and other painful moments, local anesthesia is used, although it is possible to apply medication sleep.

How long do the veneers last and what does their service life depend on?

By themselves, veneers are practically eternal, like any good ceramics. The weak point is the cement with which they stick to the tooth, so it can “age” with time. Cement manufacturers give a forecast of 10-15 years, now there are already up to 20 years.