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All you need to know about prosthetics (orthotics)

Today, good teeth are a norm, a necessary attribute of a modern successful person. However, nobody is guaranteed against losing teeth. According to the World Health Organization, every 11th person loses 1-2 teeth by the age of 17. And this is before coming of age! There may be different reasons for this:
  • caries and its complications,
  • teeth trauma,
  • neglected periodontitis (inflammation at the top of a tooth root).

While we immediately go to a dentist-prosthetist, when our front teeth are decayed or lost. When we lose one or two further teeth, we often do not have prosthesis made, thinking that, if you cannot see the teeth, you can do without them (for some time, at least). However, missing even one tooth can cause a number of serious problems.

Why do we need to have dental prostheses made? It is extremely important to restore lost teeth, not only out of aesthetic, but simply out of physiological considerations. As you know, nature abhors a vacuum – and this has everything to do with teeth. A change in teeth position can cause both aesthetic, and functional defects. On the one hand, because of the empty space, teeth can move apart, on the other hand, occlusion and type of chewing can change, face asymmetry can form, teeth can wear off more quickly because of increased load, the wedge-shaped defects can appear in the neck of a toothor a piece of a crown can break off. At the same time, bone in the spot, where the tooth used to be, gradually reduces – your body does not feel the need to nurture a part of the bone that does no work, and it begins to disappear. So, if there is need for an implant in the future, the bone will have to be “built up”. Only timely installed dental prostheses of good quality can prevent these problems. Covering the tooth with a crown, bridge prostheses, removable dental prostheses or implants – which procedure is better in your individual case can only be determined by a good dentist-prosthetist based on an oral exam results and a CBCT of your teeth. It is important to understand that dental prostheses are an important investment into your health and quality of life. And, if the procedure is done well, your investment and time spent will pay off.So how can you save a tooth? In the USA, a large insurance company did a research and, after 10-year observation of more than 1 million people, came to the conclusion that the most frequent reason for tooth removal was patient’s refusal to cover a significantly decayed tooth with a crown. The patients preferred large fillings covering up to 70% of the tooth, which lead to its irreversible loss, because filling materials, even the most up-to-date ones, are not suitable for such large-scale restorations. In many cases refusal to have a dental prosthesis made was a consequence of people’s perception that crowns or bridges are a sign of old age, conjuring up a man with a golden tooth or a woman with gums blue from metal. However, modern material quality and technology have greatly improved – well-made prostheses do not differ in appearance or its functional characteristics from real teeth. And we are ready to prove this to you.Why choosing our dental clinic guarantees you great results and is worth paying more for?
  1. Modern ceramic materials
At Dubnova’s Clinic STOMATOLOGiA we use one of the best modern types of ceramics, IPS eMax, for dental prostheses, manufactured by the Swiss company Ivoclar Vivadent. This lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingot for the press technique has high strength and physical characteristics close to those of natural tooth enamel. It is perfectly suitable for both making a veneer, a thin plate 0.4 or more mm thick adjoining the tooth, and a full crown, which allows to save the tooth after root canal treatment and fully restore its function.1

Picture 1. Ceramic veneers (before fixation)


Picture 2. Restoration of front teeth with veneers (before and after) at Dubnova’s Clinic STOMATOLOGiA

In a number of cases, we use zirconium dioxide, especially strong biocompatible ceramics with no glass particles, which is manufactured by cutting out of small blocks. Later on, ceramics itself is applied onto zirconium dioxide and it is non-distinguishable from real tooth enamel in appearance.


Picture 3. Change of an old restoration to a new fully ceramic crown at Dubnova’s Clinic STOMATOLOGiA

  1. High qualifications of dentists-prosthetist

Our dentiss-prosthetist continue to perfect their qualifications, use the most advanced and progressive methods of tooth restoration and always use individual approach to every patient. Our philosophy is “We do NOT prescribe treatment, which there is no need for”.

  1. We have our own dental lab
In contrast to other dental clinics, most of which do not have their own dental lab, our clinic has one and it is one of the best in Ukraine! Why do you need to take that into the consideration? Doing restoration work at our Clinic, dentist-prosthetist works together with a dental technician. The head of our dental laboratory is Tamara Ludan, dental technician of the highest category, professional opinion leader and trainer of dental technicians, permanent speaker at the courses by the Straumann Swiss Academy, here at the Clinic. She is the only dental technician in Ukraine, who was chosen by the Straumann Swiss Academy after meticulous search to represent its interests in the sphere of dental technicians’ training. Both specialists work on the same task at the same time: to ensure the patient gets the most comfortable prosthetic treatment of the best quality in the shortest time possible. Our laboratory is also equipped with a stereo microscope, which allows the highest precision when joining parts of the prosthesis.


Picture4. Maryland bridge prosthesis

All of this ensures exclusive quality of the prosthesis, the least number of fittings and colour corrections, complete absence of discomfort during the installation and use of the prosthesis, and guarantees long service.
  1. Warranty for procedures done at our clinic
If you choose our dental clinic, we guarantee you great results and great mood! We guarantee high quality of our work, that’s why every penny that you invest in the health of your teeth and a confident smile will be well worth it.And you best get to know us by what our patient’s feedback!